For Vladimir Putin, the world is entering its “most dangerous” decade since World War II.

“Dirty bomb”: IAEA’s Raffaele Grossi outlines the parameters of his “independent verification”

“Investigators will carry out an independent verification (…) to detect any diversion of nuclear material”, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Rafael Croci explained Thursday. UN in New York Speaking behind closed doors at the Security Council, he told reporters that the findings of these studies. “too fast”Some are motivated “in days”.

The UN body confirmed again on Thursday that it had inspected one of the two sites “one month ago”pointed out that“No undeclared nuclear activity found there”. however, “We’ll Be Back”Mr. in New York said he was looking for other items. Croce said. “Generally our studies focus on live nuclear materials, enriched uranium, plutonium, thorium. In this case, some of the isotopes mentioned are cesium and strontium. Who could have been “Changed Again”he added.

Earlier in the day, Vladimir Putin called for a mission “as soon as possible”. According to him, Ukraine wants to use a radioactive weapon “Russia can later claim that it carried out the nuclear attack”. General Manager Mr. We told Grossi to be vigilant because these structures (Both will be examined)It cannot be produced alone.”Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, has pledged that Russia will be present at the Security Council’s exit. “Happy to be wrong”.

“We can’t start running around frantically to every place we can find the source of Cobalt 60”Especially used in medicine, commented Raffaele Croci.

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