Former CIA Director Says NATO Will ‘Destroy’ ‘Russian Forces’ In Ukraine If Putin Uses Nuclear Weapons

As Russia uses nuclear bombs in Ukraine, former four-star general David Petraeus conducts televised training on ABC.

What will the US do if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine? “We will respond by leading a NATO effort to eliminate all Russian legacy forces we can find.On the Ukrainian battlefield and annexed Crimea. The warning comes not from a current US official, but from a distinguished retiree: former four-star general and ex-CIA director David Petraeus. “All ships in the Black SeaAnd will be destroyed, he added on Sunday in an interview with ABC.

America and NATO need answers

This stark analysis led Vladimir Putin to insist that any strike on the new territories should be avoided. Russia would be considered an aggressor. If the nuclear threat is not overtly addressed by the Russian president, it will blow away. Impossible riskNot acceptable in any way“, according to the former head of the CIA, who recalled speaking on his own behalf and not discussing a possible US response to Russian nuclear escalation with National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan.

Although no nuclear weapon was used in Ukraine First of all Unlikely to bring NATO to war against the aggressor, Kiev is not part of the alliance, a “The US and NATO are the answerA former senior official opined that more would be needed.

“Can’t go unanswered”

David Petraeus acknowledged that under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, the potential spread of nuclear radiation in NATO countries could be interpreted as an attack on a member state. This implies that an attack against a member of the alliance is considered an attack against all allies. “We do not want to embark on a nuclear escalation again“, he hammered, however insisted that such a threat can not”The answer will be unknown».

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«Vladimir Putin is desperate», explained David Petraeus. «The battlefield reality he faces is irreversible“And no mobilization,”No alliance, no nuclear threat, even veiled, can extricate it from such a situation“. The solution?”As Ukrainian President Zelensky said, negotiations should begin“, he suggests.

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