Former US President Donald Trump has responded to Joe Biden

He called it a“Enemy of the State”“. Former US President Donald Trump responded to Joe Biden on Saturday, September 3, and sued him for incompetence during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, a key state in the battle for control of the two chambers. In the small town of Wilkes-Barre, near Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Donald Trump on November 8 Date came to support Republican candidates in the next midterm elections.

In front of his supporters, the Republican billionaire condemned the August 8 FBI raid of his Florida home in Mar-a-Lago. He made this investigation law a “The Most Shocking Abuse of Power by an Administration in American History”.

Earlier in the day, Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump with rare venom, accusing him of representing. “Grand Republicans” (Make America Great Again) “Extremism Threatens the Foundation of Our Republic”. In Philadelphia, even Joe Biden called for the rescue “America’s Soul”Who is that caste? “Do not respect the Constitution”, “No faith in the rule of law”, “Do not recognize the will of the people”.

“He is an enemy of the state”, Donald Trump responded. He condemned “The worst, hateful and divisive speech ever given by an American president”. “His speech is only hatred and anger.”He insisted in solidarity with his supporters.

Donald Trump denounced inflation and rising insecurity. He, who openly plans to run again in 2024, chose to paint a more negative assessment of Joe Biden, in a speech that at times took on echoes of the presidential campaign.

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