Four questions about hyperinflation crippling the country

They are called “anger strikes”. Since the beginning of the summer, the United Kingdom has been hit by a series of rallies against inflation, which is hitting the country harder than its neighbors in Europe. The movement intensified on Thursday, August 18, with mass walkouts. Several sectors, including transport, have called for a strike to demand a pay rise. VOn Friday, there was the London Underground Almost Totally paralyzed and on Saturday, only one in five trains in the country was running. In June, 50,000 train drivers were already on strike “Thousands of layoffs planned”.

Why are prices rising? What are employees asking for? How long will mobilization last? Answer Components.

Why is inflation so high?

Inflation across the Channel reached 10.1% in July – compared to 6.1% in France – and could reach 13% in October, a level not reached for 30 years. This makes the UK the G7 country with the highest inflation. This is General increase of Price sMainly explained by explosion Energy tariffs in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Unlike France, the United Kingdom does not implement any tariff shields on gas and electricity prices. British families have been hit hard by this. Thousands of Britons have also threatened to stop paying their bills from October 1 if prices don’t drop.

What are the demands of the employees?

The striking employees are demanding a salary hike of 13% at the rate of inflation. Their claim has yet to find an echo. Railway employees refused the offer to increase their salary 8%In exchange for their approval of reforms to modernize the private company Network Rail. Unions allege that the private company actually wants to carry out massive layoffs.

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Workers on London’s public transport, weighed down by the Covid-19 pandemic, are on strike to seek lasting funding solutions and to ensure jobs, pension schemes and working conditions are maintained.

How do politicians behave?

Transport Minister Grand Shoppes criticized the unions for refusing to put Network Rail’s 8% offer to a vote of their members. “If union bosses give their members this opportunity, I am sure this strike will end”He commented on the BBC’s microphone.

Liz Dress, He is the favorite in the race to succeed Boris Johnson in Downing StreetHe also accused the trade unions of obstructing the situation. “As Prime Minister, I will not allow militant trade unionists to take over our country“, he said in a tweet. The conservative has vowed to crack down on the strike once he becomes prime minister.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has blamed the Conservative government Deliberately pushing (unions) to strike in London”. Labor also said it understood the protesters’ demands, although it did not support the movement. “I think strikes are a sign of failure, but it’s important to understand the frustrations and concerns of transport workers.”He said that day Sky News (in English).

How long should these strikes last?

General Secretary of the Society Maritime and Transport (RMT), Mick Lynch, warned that the rail workers’ strike could be over “Continue indefinitely” If satisfactory agreement is not found. At Felixstowe, the country’s largest cargo port, dock workers have filed an eight-day strike notice starting Sunday. The mobilization threatens to bring much of the UK’s freight traffic to a standstill. The port has not faced a strike since 1989.

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“I think the British public are tired of being ripped off by this government and British businesses, companies like BP and British Gas making huge profits while people struggle to make ends meet.”said Mick Lynch It was Saturday of the BBC (in English).

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