Fourth dose of vaccine against goiter: Why is this new reminder avoided by those over 60 years of age?

The second booster dose for several months for those over 60 is as Govt faces a new wave of pollution. Less than half of those still eligible received their new size.

The second booster dose (equivalent to the fourth dose) against Covit-19 is open to people over 60 from April 2022. Although a new wave of epidemics seems to be sweeping France, these areas of the population do not seem to be vaccinated. Should have the desired effect.

The vaccination rate for people over 75 is about 20%. According to the data collected, it drops to 9.55% in the population between the ages of 65 and 75. Covit TrackerGovernment warning figures.

“There is fatigue”

“It didn’t go fast enough, not enough people came to get vaccinated.” The Ministry of Health expressed concern during a press conference on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Western France. “There is fatigue, and we can see very well that we have not taken this fourth dose”, abundantly, in fact, Epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet in early May In the set of the show C à Vous.

But this is not the only reason why a small number of booster doses have been obtained to date. Individuals involved in the second booster have not yet qualified for the vaccine.

“6 months after the first booster injection”

Jean-Paul Hamon, General Trainer and President of the Federation of French Doctors explained. BFMTV. “In the elderly, the last recollection will be in December or January”. So they are all unqualified for a new injection.

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The Ministry of Health is actually pointing to it Site “60 to 79 year olds” are affected by the booster “6 months after the first booster payment”. For those aged 80 and over, a second booster is available “from 3 months after the first booster injection”.

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