“Great. For Blackrock CEO It’s The End Of Globalization! தலைய Editorial by Charles Sunnat

My dear contemptible, dear innocent,

The war goes on and on, and things are getting clearer and clearer.

Only a loft “theory” has become more realistic over the course of the day.

Yes we are at war. The Great, the Great War, the War for the New World Order.

For days and weeks I have been creating an analysis that led me to think that the most probable scenario is brutal and violent globalization.

This is what the boss of Blackrock’s largest investment fund has just announced.

So what can Charles Sunnat say in his modest Normandy room, and then declare himself the boss of the planet’s most powerful fund and its $ 10,000 billion assets.

You may not listen to me or take me too seriously, but I advise you to listen to what Blackrock CEO has to say even if you do not like it.

Yes, this is the end of globalization.

Yes, it refers to things, it refers to things.

What he did not tell you, I can tell you because he can not take his position.

In a globalized world, I can tell you that non-violent globalization will be a tragedy experienced by hundreds of millions of people around the Western world.

Let us bow before the great history that is written before our eyes. In a world immersed in madness we will be wise, subtle and balanced.

But, despite this subtlety and this necessary subtlety, we can go to the conclusion of reason.

I am an ardent supporter of globalization, but I know what it means to the daily lives of our fellow citizens, especially the most vulnerable.

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There is no better way to “globalize” than you do during globalization.

We have destroyed our autonomy, our freedom, and passed some strings around our necks that are too tight when it comes time to get rid of them.

This moment has come, and negotiation is not possible just because it has come.

Nothing is available to anyone by an agreement.

If we want to regain our sovereignty, we will have to enjoy time to recreate new productivity and thus gain independence.

In a world of scarcity and scarcity of all resources.

But, at the end of the day, we know how to transform and survive and redevelop, but first we will collapse.

It has already begun.

Tick-tock, tick-tock

It was already too late, but not all was lost.

Prepare yourself!

Charles Sunnat

“Insolence” means “impossible” in Latin
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“To suppress peaceful revolutions, one makes violent revolutions inevitable” (JFK)

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