In a Ukrainian village occupied by the Russians, the rape was burned with words.

Bur Kajal Golshiri

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The village was quiet and uncluttered, with nests of a few thousand citizens and storks. The mayor is 42 years old. He recalled that in the past, his constituents had complained about the condition of the roads. Today they are talking indirectly about other subjects. “Dirty Things”, Say the villagers. From “Things” It happened between February 24 and March 30 when this small town in the northeast of Q was occupied by Russian troops.

Mayor of the village on May 2, 2022, northeast of Kiev, occupied by the Russians and later liberated by Ukrainian forces.

When she returned to the village, in early April, the mayor received two calls. “First of all, he told me about the Russian soldiers raping his wife. Second, another woman who raped herself. “, The selected one, explains thin and sensible. She declines to give further details. Like the others interviewed The worldShe requests not to mention her identity and the name of the village: “I’m afraid the Russians will come back.” This fear is interviewed by all citizens The world.

The priest in the church was somewhat devastated by the bombing and fighting.  May 2, 2022, in a village in the northeast of Kiev, Ukraine.

Opposite the townhall, the church is almost intact. But inside everything is upside down. “A rocket came here and broke everything”, Says Dmitry, Priest (first name changed). He is the pillar of the village. Its inhabitants found him a trustworthy person. He also knows what happened during the Russian occupation. “Most of the victims are not ready to tell what happened to them. We brought a psychologist to one of them., Dmitry explains. According to him, the victim “Talked a little. Then she cried, and she said nothing more than that. He slips this man in with a piercing gaze.

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“I do not want my daughter to come here”

In places occupied by the Russians, bottles of wine are still trash on the ground.  May 2, 2022, in a village northeast of Kiev.

But the latter, Ivanna (first name changed), 39, it The world I was able to meet her at home and decided to talk again. On March 13, before the opening of the humanitarian corridor, people were allowed to leave the village. The single mother of a 14-year-old girl, she moved in with her neighbor Katya. In the afternoon the soldiers arrived. “They were drunkIvanna says. They looked like burials. (Mongolian community in the Russian Far East). Armed men began firing into the air in the yard. They then entered the house and forced Katya’s husband to lie face down on the floor before returning to the women. “Someone loaded his weapon and turned towards us”Is that Ivanna.

Houses were badly damaged by bombs and gunfire.  May 2, 2022, in a village northeast of Kiev.

Looking down, she rubbed her hands to fight the tears: “They said to me: Come with us. Or is it your daughter. The choice is yours. “He took my daughter’s hand and pointed the gun at my neck. I shouted at them,” Do whatever you want with me. But do not touch my baby! ” We were forced to be naked. They separated us. They saw that I was menstruating. It saved me from being raped.

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