In Brazil, a black man suffocated to death in the trunk of a police car

The video begins by showing a casual check by three police officers on a man who lifted his T-shirt and spread his legs in obedience. All three agents are members of the Federal Road Police (PRF), responsible for combating traffic crime, and are often described as making spectacular seizures of narcotics exports, often picked up and praised on President Bolsanaro’s social media. This Wednesday, May 25, police arrested a black man, Genevaldo de Jesus Santos, for riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

The show takes place in Umbaba, a city of 25,000 people in the northeastern Brazilian province of Sergei, where it is common to not wear a helmet on motorcycles, which is widely used in the area. With Genewaldo, we see his son-in-law, Wallison de Jesus, trying to approach the police. According to his testimony, the young man had warned them about his uncle’s mental illness. Genewaldo had a prescription with him because he was going to receive the medical treatment he had been taking for schizophrenia for 20 years.

Suddenly, everything accelerates and potty control turns into drama. Genewaldo was fitted to the ground, shaken by two police officers, and then quickly handcuffed to his legs and arms. He was then placed in the trunk of a police car, whose tailgate was firmly grasped by two officers, and a third unwrapped a tear gas canister and threw it into the trunk. It becomes unbearable to watch the video for two minutes, which ends in death by Genewaldo’s suffocation. We can clearly hear the spectators around the car protesting and telling the police “You’re going to kill him.”. But even if Genevaldo screams in pain and his legs, outside the trunk, shake violently, the latter will remain immobile. The video ends before the trunk is opened, but according to the medical report, Genivaldo will be taken to Umbaba Hospital where he has already died.

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Video of his ordeal was quickly shared thousands of times on social media, and on Wednesday evening residents of Umbaba staged a demonstration demanding the vain detention of all three agents at the scene of the tragedy. The PRF rejected them and provoked outrage and criticism.

Police “polluted by polzonarism”

“They should have been detained immediately because they were the police officers who upgraded the gas chamber in the middle of the street in 2022. It is obvious that if Genewaldo had been white he would have received a different treatment.Rafael Alcadibani, a professor at the Ketlio-Vargas Foundation and a member of the Brazilian Council for Public Safety, considers.

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