In the middle of the ocean, a Brazilian fisherman has been alive for eleven days in a freezer

The survivor and his makeshift boat. Screenshot TV Record / UOL

After watching his boat sink, the survivor – who could not swim – was rescued after an 11-day ordeal by another fishing boat.

The story is not believable. And it’s without a doubt one of the weirdest survival stories ever. As reported Brazilian JournalThe Brazilian fisherman was shipwrecked off the coast of French Guiana on a three-day mission in August from the border town of Oyabok.

After stocking up on fish, Romualdo Macedo Rodríguez noticed cracks in his wooden boat. The 44-year-old, who can’t swim, is pushing out water seeping in from all sides, but sees his boat sinking little by little, beyond repair, and decides to upgrade.

He tests the buoyancy of the freezer on the boat and hurls himself into a makeshift dinghy. “When I saw that there was no way out, I took the freezer and left“, he said in an interview with the chain TV recording.


But the fisherman, stranded in the middle of the ocean, can only wait for emergency help. He waits stunned in this providential freezer for more than 11 days. “Then water started entering. I scooped it out with my hand. I started to get frustrated“, he said later.

About 400 kilometers off the coast, according to the Brazilian press, Romualdo Macedo Rodríguez had to face another fear, sharks. “I thought I would be attacked by sharks, because there are many curious fish in the open sea».

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Eventually, as it was close to breaking up, a Surinamese fishing boat spotted the floating object and decided to approach. The weak man finally hears the sound of the engine as the fishermen, not seeing him, decide to leave. “I stood up and waved for help“, he testifies.

“A true miracle!”

But upon arrival on the coast of Suriname, the Brazilian, without papers, is arrested by the police. Fortunately, Brazilian authorities arranged for him to fly back to the country a few days later.

How did he survive so many days of indifference? Romualdo Macedo Rodrigues estimates that he lost 5 kilos and suffered from thirst. Police said that quarantine was already better when he returned to Brazil, in a very bad condition after he landed on the beach. “He was very thin, weak, but still conscious. The injuries he suffered, mainly related to the sun and heat, were already much better“, explained Luis Carlos Porto, a representative of the Federal Police.

Returning home after this unimaginable journey, Romualdo Macedo Rodríguez thanked Providence: “That fridge is god to me. A true miracle!»

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