Kovit: Japan tourists should travel with a guide to control wearing a mask

Local guides should accompany travelers to make sure they are wearing their mask properly.

This Friday from June 10, the Japan It will reopen its borders to tourists, but is firm conditions. Foreigners in particular have to comply with a number of things Health restrictions Due to infection Govit-19.

Number of new visitors Will be limited 20 000 Per day. Except Mandatory maskTo plan for a possible goiter infection, tourists should take out private Japanese medical insurance.

Japan opens to foreign tourists after two years of strict Govt-19 travel restrictions, but visitors must stay throughout the stay. https://t.co/ryvlxFv6SM

– Sky News (SkyNews) June 7, 2022

Travel to Japan … but under surveillance

But this is another health duty that is being discussed Defender. Tourists will be forced Chaparons By a Local tour guideAt every moment of their journey.

Traveling outside of Japanese travel companies would therefore be Prohibited.

Guides will be responsible for checking that tourists are wearing it Mask And respect Social space. The government has also called for the creation of new routes to avoid this Crowded places.

Are activities harmful to tourism?

The Australian travel agent participated in a test flight conducted by Japan. He said some action could be taken Stop Many passengers.

Explained “It would be nice if customers wore the mask inside, but Wearing it 24 hours a day is a problem. He added “Having a guide at all times can be costly Prevent customers“.

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