LIVE – Russia says it killed 23 British “mercenaries” and 15 Canadians in Ukraine

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• Vladimir Putin travels to Tehran on July 19 for a summit with the presidents of Turkey and Iran. The meeting will be dedicated specifically to the situation in Syria and will be punctuated by several bilateral meetings.

• 80% of residents of the Donetsk region have fled. The announcement was made by the governor of this Ukrainian region, who pointed out that the population of the region has increased from 1,670,000 people to the current 340,000. Located in the Donbass, Donetsk remains one of the main Russian targets today.

• EU approves €1 billion in new financial aid to Ukraine. This new envelope brings the total aid provided to Kyiv since the beginning of the conflict to 2.2 billion. Specifically, it aims to ensure that the Ukrainian government can continue to carry out “its essential functions”.

• Russia claims to have killed 23 British “mercenaries”. This announcement was made through the Ministry of Defense of Russia. In addition to the British, 15 Canadian citizens were reportedly killed by the Russians on the Ukrainian battlefield. This information could not be independently verified.

Russia says 23 British “mercenaries” and 15 Canadians killed in Ukraine

His A daily activity bulletin published on TelegramThe Russian Defense Ministry said it killed 23 British “mercenaries” who came to fight in Ukraine, but also 166 Poles, 50 Georgians, 21 Romanians and 15 Canadians.

“Poland goes to Poland based on mercenary losses in the past. 166 Polish fighters were eliminated. At the same time, 50 Georgian ‘soldiers of fortune’ were destroyed, Britain lost 23 citizens in Ukraine. Finally, 21 Romanian mercenaries and 15 Canadians were killed in three weeks,” the statement said.

The operative point also notes that detailed information on the presence of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine will be released soon.

This information could not be independently verified.

13.8 billion euros in assets of Russian oligarchs frozen in the EU

European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders announced on Tuesday that 13.8 billion euros in assets of oligarchs and other companies in the European Union, mostly in five member states, have been frozen following sanctions against Russia in response to the war in Ukraine.

“It is very big, but a very large area (frozen) by the five member states of more than 12 billion,” the Belgian commissioner announced during a meeting of European justice ministers in Prague.

He did not specify which countries these were. But German Finance Minister Christian Lindner put the amount frozen in Germany alone in mid-June at 4.48 billion euros.

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The European Union has approved a new financial aid package of 1 billion euros

EU finance ministers on Tuesday approved one billion euros in new financial aid to Ukraine, bringing the total of twenty-seven to 2.2 billion euros in macro-financial assistance to the country facing the consequences of the Russian invasion.

“The purpose of this assistance is to meet Ukraine’s immediate and most urgent financial needs and to ensure that the Ukrainian government can continue to carry out its most essential tasks,” the minister said.

The Kremlin announces a July 19 summit between Putin, Iranian President Raisi and Erdogan in Tehran.

The presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran will meet in Tehran next week for a summit on Syria and bilateral talks amid conflict in Ukraine, the Kremlin announced on Tuesday.

“President (Vladimir Putin)’s visit to Iran is being prepared for July 19,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

He noted that a meeting dedicated to Syria will be held with his Iranian counterparts Ibrahim Raisi and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

British intelligence warns of a relative lull in attacks before a resurgence

In the last phase of the war in Ukraine, British Ministry of Defense intelligence confirms that Moscow is making slow advances in the Donbass. and indicates a threat of relative lull in activity before significant fire returns.

“Russian troops continue small territorial advances in Donetsk region, Russia announced capture of Hryhorikva city. Russians continue their offensive along the E-40 road that feeds the cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. The military may maintain pressure on Ukrainian forces before the Russians regroup and launch further offensives in the future,” it said. The report said.

Also, the British noted that the lack of personnel in the Russian army might force Moscow to recruit men not normally destined for service, such as prisoners, through Wagner militias.

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US says Iran will supply warplanes to Russia

Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, has assured Moscow that Iran plans to supply combat drones, while Vladimir Putin’s military has suffered heavy material losses since the start of its invasion of Ukraine.

“Iran’s government plans to deliver several hundred drones to Russia, some of them armed, in the near future,” he said.

Jake Sullivan added that the Iranians plan to train the Russians in the use of these devices beginning this July.

The governor of Donetsk region said 80% of residents had left

Pavlo Kirilenko, the governor of the Donetsk region, said that 80% of the population in the region, located in the Donbass in eastern Ukraine, had fled the conflict.

“On February 24 (the date the invasion began, editor’s note), 1,670,000 people lived in the controlled territories of Donetsk. Today, 340,000 remain,” he recounted.

This area is a major target of Russian offensive today.

The death toll in Sunday’s construction strike rose to 34

The death toll from Sunday’s bombing of a building in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region has risen to 34, a Donetsk regional official said.

“At least 34 people and 9 injured were pulled out by rescue services from the rubble of the building in the city of Chasiv Yar. Among the dead was a child,” said Pavlo Kyrilenko.

He said on Tuesday that 70% of the rubble had been excavated, but rescue operations were continuing.

Ukraine says it bombed a Russian ammunition depot in the Kherson region

Ukraine on Tuesday announced an attack on Russian military units and a weapons depot in the occupied Kherson (southern) region, where Russian occupation officials said seven people were killed.

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According to military officials responsible for the south of the country, Ukrainian bombers and missiles killed 52 Russian soldiers and hit “a warehouse with ammunition in Nova Khakovka”.

Ukraine bombing kills 7 in occupied Kherson region

Russian occupation forces in southern Ukraine’s Kherson region said seven people were killed and around 60 wounded in a Monday-Tuesday overnight Ukrainian attack.

Vladimir Leontiev, head of the military-civilian administration established in the area by Russian forces, announced in Telegram that “already seven people have died and about 60 have been injured” in the strike that hit the town of Nova Khakovka.

It was not immediately possible to independently verify these claims.

A famous private bargainer will negotiate the release of basketball star Brittney Griner

The families of Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan, who are imprisoned in Russia, have asked private negotiator Bill Richardson to try to free them. The former diplomat’s services were confirmed on Monday, with US media believing he would soon surrender in Moscow.

“Both the Whelan and Griner families have asked us to help free their loved ones,” Mickey Bergman, vice president for global engagement at the Richardson Center, told AFP.

Ukraine expects attack from Russia, accuses Canada of undermining sanctions

Ukraine is expecting a new attack by the Russian military on strategic cities in the eastern part of the Donbass, a priority target of Moscow – while President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday accused Canada of undermining economic sanctions against Russia.

Europe, for its part, has entered a period of uncertainty over continued gas supplies from Russia, with Russian giant Gazprom beginning maintenance work on two Nord Stream 1 gas pipelines that supply Germany and other countries in Western Europe.


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