Live – Ukraine: Macron and Scholes ask Putin for “serious direct talks” with Zhelensky

“Army destroys everything”: Russian strikes continue in Chevroletonetsk

In Chevroletonetsk, “the bombings continue (…) the army will destroy the city”, promised the telegram account of the governor of the Lugansk region Sergei Keitain. According to him, the Russian army entered the suburbs of the city, where they suffered “heavy losses”, while Ukrainian forces tried to evict the Russians from a hotel.

But the governor says “Severodonetsk has not been cut off” by Russian and separatist forces. Access to humanitarian assistance is possible, he said.

Taking Chevrolet Donetsk would be a “strong victory” for Russian forces because “their army has not had great success and they have to feed their people something,” said Sergei Guido.

Macron and Scholes call on Putin to release 2,500 Azovstal fighter jets

Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholes called on Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation between the three leaders to release 2,500 militants from Mariupol, Ukraine.

Spain is to send anti-aircraft missiles to Latvia as part of the Ukraine war

The newspaper said on Saturday that Spain would send batteries of anti-aircraft missiles to Latvia and 100 soldiers to strengthen NATO participation in the Baltic country. El PaIS.

The NASAMS missiles indicate daily that they will be part of a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) planned reinforcement of countries along Russia’s border following the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles, who was questioned at this point on state television, was pleased to reiterate Spain’s “full commitment” to NATO.

Macron and Scholes ask Putin for “serious direct talks” with Zhelensky

During a telephone interview with Vladimir Putin this Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholes called for “serious direct talks” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky.

During an 80-minute meeting with the Russian president, the two leaders called for an “immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops,” according to a statement from the German Chancellor’s Office.

Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz called on the Russian president to hold direct direct talks with the Ukrainian president and a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

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War in Ukraine: kyiv reports that French Caesar guns destroyed 5 Russian targets

French Caesar rifles sent by Paris to Ukrainian forces in support of fighting the Russians were able to destroy five Russian targets, Kyiv’s Armed Forces announced this Saturday.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces said in a statement that “two tanks, two armored vehicles and a truck carrying Russian war criminals’ ammunition were destroyed.” Facebook.

Caesar cannon sent by Paris to Ukrainian forces released on May 28, 2022 © Ukrainian Armed Forces / Facebook

Arms supply to Ukraine: Putin warns of more ‘instability’

Russian President Vladimir Putin this Saturday condemned the “dangerous nature” of Western arms supplies to Ukraine and warned against “instability” in a telephone interview with his French president, Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholes.

“The Russian president has stressed the danger of continued flooding of Ukraine by Western weapons, and warned of the dangers of further destabilizing the situation and aggravating the humanitarian crisis,” the Kremlin said in a statement after the telephone conversation.

Russia says it is ready to help ‘export’ grain exports from Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised this Saturday during a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholes that Russia was “ready” to export grain from Ukraine.

“Russia is ready to help find options for the unrestricted export of grain, including Ukrainian grain, from ports in the Black Sea,” the statement from Kremlin said in a statement issued after the talks. The phone call took place against the backdrop of a serious panic. Food crisis in Kiev due to Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Russian Army confirms Lyman’s victory. This important region, located in eastern Ukraine, opens the way to the cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. “The city of Lyman has been completely liberated from Ukrainian nationalists as a result of joint operations by the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Russian Armed Forces,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

In Gramadorsk, “Everyone is scared, but not panicked”, The mayor of the city, Oleksandr Goncharenko, was interviewed on BFMTV this Saturday. Forty kilometers south of Lyman, the city is protected by the Donets River, a natural boundary that the mayor hopes will slow the progress of the Russian military.

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Russia has successfully launched a new hypersonic missile into the White Sea. The Russian military announced on Saturday that it had successfully tested a zircon missile in the White Sea as Moscow intensified its offensive in Ukraine. The firing was part of a series of “new weapons tests” by Russia.

· Petro Poroshenko claims to have been denied permission to leave Ukraine. The former Ukrainian president says he was unable to leave the country when he had to travel to Vilnius, Lithuania to attend a NATO parliamentary meeting. “With this decision, there is a risk that the authorities will break the ‘political ceasefire’,” its news service commented.

“Everyone is scared, but no panic,” says the mayor of Gramadorsk, not far from Lyman.

In a live interview with BFMTV, Oleksandr Goncharenko, mayor of Kramatorsk, 40 kilometers south of Lyman, testified that he fears the Russian military will rule the area because it controls the neighborhood.

“Everyone is scared. But fortunately there is no panic. We survived the 2014 war and the February 24 attacks, but anxiety hangs over everyone,” he says this Saturday.

However, there is hope in the face of the Russians’ progress in the region: “We are protected by the Donets River. Before our city can be captured, Russian invaders must overcome this natural barrier,” the mayor explains. Gramadorsk.

Former President of Ukraine Pedro Poroshenko says he was denied entry

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, a rival of current leader Volodymyr Zelensky, announced on Saturday his refusal to leave the country for a visit to Lithuania, criticizing the decision to break the “political ceasefire” with a full Russian invasion.

According to his press service, Pedro Poroshenko “refused to cross the border into Ukraine” while attending a NATO parliamentary meeting in Vilnius.

“With this decision, the authorities have broken the wartime ‘political ceasefire’ with the opposition forces, one of the pillars of national unity. There is a risk of facing Russian aggression,” its press service continued.

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The Russian military confirms Lyman’s victory in Donbass

This Saturday confirms that the Russian army has captured the mainland of Lyman in eastern Ukraine, a crossroads that opens the road to the major cities of Slovensk and Kramatorsk.

“The city of Lyman was completely liberated from Ukrainian nationalists as a result of joint operations by the Donetsk People’s Republican militant groups and the Russian Armed Forces,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

On BFMTV, Ukrainian Defense Ministry adviser Yuriy Sak confirmed on Friday that “Ukrainian troops [étaient] Back to “Lyman.

Russia has announced the launch of another successful hypersonic missile in the White Sea

As Moscow intensifies its offensive in Ukraine, the Russian military announced on Saturday that it had successfully conducted a new test missile of the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile.

The Russian Defense Ministry says the Zircon missile was launched from Admiral Korskov’s warship in the Barents Sea into a target in the White Sea region of the Arctic.

The target, located a thousand kilometers away, was “successfully targeted”, referring to the same source. The firing was part of a series of “new weapons tests” by Russia.

Zhelensky promises to “do everything” to protect Donbass

Kyiv promised to “do everything” to protect Donbass, where the Russian military has stepped up its offensive, pushing for Ukrainian forces to consider withdrawing strategically to some front lines in the eastern part of the country to avoid siege.

“The situation in Donbass is very difficult,” President Volodymyr Zhelensky said in a video on Friday.

“We protect our land and do everything we can to strengthen the security of this region,” he promised.

Moscow is concentrating its attacks on eastern Ukraine

Russian forces have been concentrating their efforts on the Donbass, a minefield in Moscow since 2014. The stated purpose at present: to take full control of it.

Russian-backed separatist forces said on Friday that they had captured Lyman, a key crossroads of the Donbass.

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