Live – Ukraine: Russia intensifies strikes in queue in retaliation for attacks on Russian territory

Ukraine: Britain of the Ukrainian army captured by the Russians

Aidan Aslin, a member of the Ukrainian army, was captured by the Russians. On Thursday evening local public television aired pictures showing him with a handcuff and a cut on his forehead, saying he was actually 28 years old.

“Aidan is an active member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, so he is a prisoner of war,” his mother said. Daily telegramReminds Russian President Vladimir Putin of the Geneva prisoner of war agreement.

According to Telegraph, Aidan Aslin, known by the first name of Johnny, joined the Ukrainian Navy in 2018. Prior to that, he joined the YPG Kurds to fight the Islamic State group in Syria.

Ukraine: Ukrainian Defense Minister mocked Moscow in a tweet

Amid tensions since the fall of Russian Prime Minister Moskva on Thursday, Russia on Friday announced plans to intensify strikes on kyiv. This did not stop Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov from admiring him on Twitter:

“A ‘primary’ Russian warship is a worthy dive site. We now have one more dive spot in the Black Sea. After we win the battle, I will definitely visit the ruins.”

Ukraine: Russia says it has killed about 30 “Polish mercenaries”.

Russia said on Friday that it had killed at least 30 Polish mercenaries in a strike in northeastern Ukraine amid rising tensions between Moscow and Warsaw.

“As a result of the strike, a group of (…) mercenaries were disbanded from the Polish private army company (…) in the village of Izyamske in the Kharkiv region. Up to 30 Polish mercenaries were fired,” said Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. In a statement.

Ukraine: Russia to step up attacks in Qiao

Russia is stepping up attacks on kyiv in retaliation for its attack on Russian territory. The announcement follows the fall of the Movska ship, which was specifically announced as a real blow to Vladimir Putin’s army.

“In response to all terrorist attacks and sabotage carried out on Russian territory by the nationalist regime in Kiev, the number and size of missile strikes on Kiev bases will increase,” the Russian Defense Ministry said. Air Missile Manufacturing Workshop at Visar Factory.

State television pundits and presenters have already called for a bombing in Kiev in response to Moscow.

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Ukraine: Five people have been killed in the Donbass in the last 24 hours

No damage was reported when explosions were heard in the queue overnight from Thursday to Friday ReutersFive people have been killed in the last 24 hours in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian presidential office said on Friday.

Controlling the whole of Donbass, which has been in the hands of pro-Russian separatists since 2014, has been a priority of the Russian military since the end of March.

Ukraine: Nine humanitarian corridors will open this Friday

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk, like President Volodymyr Zhelensky and other Ukrainian government officials, continues to communicate about the conflict through her profile. Telegraph. This Friday, he announced the opening of nine humanitarian corridors in several cities, including Mariupol.

Ukraine: The Office of the Attorney General has registered 6,673 war crimes

We are on the 51st day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and according to the Attorney General’s Office, which has been listing Ukrainian casualties since the beginning of the Russian invasion, 198 children have died in the conflict. Under the hashtag #RussianWarCrimes, the Attorney General’s Office lists 6,673 war crimes.

Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron announced the sending of equipment to the site

In a series of posts posted on Twitter overnight from Thursday to Friday, the President announced this Friday, the 51st day of the war, that he would send 24 fire engines and ambulances and 50 tons of emergency equipment to Ukraine.

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Ukraine: In Gramadorsk, Ukrainians prepare for Russian attack

In eastern Ukraine, police and soldiers are preparing for the advance of Russian forces and are stepping up checks in the town of Gramadorsk, the capital of the Donbass. The “Great War” in the East is imminent, leaving people in a state of uncertainty.

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Ukraine: The fall of Moscow, a new turning point in the war?

Russia confirmed on Thursday that it had lost the main Moskva. Loss due to Ukrainian missiles or simple fire as Moscow claimed? However, this material setback is already developing into a real blow to Vladimir Putin’s men, with real success on its offensive wing.

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An explosion was heard in the queue

Large explosions were heard in the queue overnight from Thursday to Friday. Reuters news agency reported.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the area in early April, it seems to be one of the biggest bombings in the Ukrainian capital region, the news agency reported.

Zhelensky warns that Donbass is the “main target” of Russian forces

In his evening ceremony video message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky described the Donbass as the “main target” of Russian forces seeking to “destroy” the region.

“Russian ships can only go to the bottom,” he added. Kyiv reports that a Russian ship in the Black Sea has sunk after being hit by a Ukrainian missile.

The Russian politician has been accused of campaigning in the United States

A Russian politician, Alexandre BabakovIt has already been targeted in the past by international sanctions, and two of its collaborators were indicted by U.S. courts on Thursday. Illegal influence and propaganda activities against Ukraine On American soil, lawyers in New York said.

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Duma’s deputy Alexander Babakov and two of his associates are suspected of operating under the guise of a voluntary organization called the “Institute for Research for International Coordination” to carry out their activities in Ukraine before 2012.

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The Pentagon considers the loss of the Moscow ship a “hard blow” to the Russian navy in the Black Sea.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Thursday that the loss of the Russian Navy’s first cruiser, Moscow, in the Black Sea was a “major blow” to the Russian navy in the region.

A U.S. spokesman for the CNN channel said the ship was “a key component of their efforts to establish naval dominance in the Black Sea” because it would have implications for their “combat capabilities”.

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CIA warns of nuclear threat posed by Putin

CIA chief William Burns said on Thursday that the military setback in Ukraine could prompt Russian President Vladimir Putin to use a tactical or low-powered nuclear weapon there.

“None of us can accept the threat posed by tactical nuclear weapons or the potential use of low-powered nuclear weapons, considering the setbacks they have faced so far from a military perspective, as President Putin and the Russian leadership may sink into despair,” William Burns said in a speech in Atlanta.

“Obviously we are very concerned. I know that President (Joe) Biden is deeply concerned about the danger of World War III and is doing everything he can to prevent a nuclear conflict from becoming possible,” he added.

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