Live – Ukraine: The last rehearsal in Moscow before the May 9 military parade

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The discharge continues at the Azovstal factory. After 50 people were expelled from the iron industry on Friday, the Ukrainian deputy prime minister indicated that operations would continue on Saturday. The evacuation from Mariupol is scheduled for the afternoon.

The last rehearsal in Moscow before the May 9 parade. This Saturday, before the big military parade on May 9, a costume rehearsal is organized in Moscow, Red Square. It is analyzed as a symbol of Russian power. An intercontinental ballistic missile was spotted.

New eruptions in transnistria. The pro-Russian separatist region, located in the Moldovan region, said four explosions took place on Friday near the former airport near the Ukrainian border. There have been many incidents in this area since the beginning of the conflict, which raises fears about an extension of the conflict.

Russia is taking “tough numbers” according to British intelligence. The intelligence services of the Ministry of Defense across the channel pointed out on Saturday that Russia has suffered huge losses from a material point of view. “It will take considerable time and large sums for Russia to rebuild its military after the conflict,” the statement said.

An exhibition dedicated to “NATO atrocities” presented in Moscow

The State Museum of Russian Contemporary History is organizing an exhibition dedicated to NATO’s “atrocities” until May 22.

You can see paintings of wounded children and mourning women, but you can also see loudspeakers spitting at the ears of warplanes.

Fyodor Kokin, Science Director of the Museum of Contemporary History in Moscow, has organized an exhibition on May 5, 2022, dedicated to the atrocities of NATO. © AFP

“Here we are talking about how NATO is playing a very important and very active role in the current conflict,” Fyodor Cogin, 28, the museum’s science manager, told Agence France-Presse. “They supply Ukraine with weapons, equipment and ammunition.”

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He added that the exhibition, which was produced “in a few weeks”, has so far welcomed 14,000 visitors.

New eruptions in transnistria

Authorities in the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria, located in the Moldovan region, announced on Saturday that four explosions had taken place on Friday evening near a former airport in a village on the Ukrainian border. No casualties were reported.

“At around 9:40 pm on May 6, the first two explosives were reportedly dropped from the drone. An hour later, the attack was repeated,” the separatists said.

Several incidents have taken place in the region recently, including shootings and a series of explosions near the arsenal, raising fears of a leak from the current conflict in Ukraine.

In Moscow, the last rehearsal before the big May 9 parade takes place in Red Square

Two days before the big military parade on May 9, Moscow is actively preparing. According to BFMTV’s special envoy in the Russian capital, rehearsals have begun.

Several military vehicles were spotted this Saturday morning. Tanks and intercontinental ballistic missiles marched.

May 9 is provided by the Russian Government as many experts as necessary. It is on this occasion that Moscow celebrates its victory against Nazism following the “Great Patriotic War”.

Russian forces destroyed three bridges in the northeast of the country to quell a Ukrainian counter-attack

In an update of the invasion posted on Facebook, Ukrainian military civil servants said Russian forces had destroyed three bridges around Zirkuni and Ruski Dishki near the city of Kharkiv.

“Occupiers demolished three road bridges to slow down counter-offensive by Ukrainian defense forces,” the statement said.

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According to the Ukrainian military, about 25,100 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine since the start of the offensive.

The Ukrainian armed forces said on Saturday that about 25,100 Russian soldiers had been killed in Ukraine since the start of the invasion of Moscow on February 24, according to the online media Kyiv Independent.

In addition to these human losses, there are also material losses. 1122 tanks, 199 aircraft, 155 helicopters, 90 ship missiles or 1934 vehicles were also destroyed.

On Saturday, British intelligence said Moscow was paying a “huge price” in Ukraine and had suffered significant material losses. These will make it difficult to reorganize the entire army at the end of the conflict, especially as the country is now subject to significant sanctions.

More than 10,000 war crimes are currently being investigated

The office of Ukraine’s Attorney General Iryna Venediktova said on Saturday that more than 10,000 war crimes allegedly committed by the Russian military in Ukraine are currently under investigation.

There have been 10,257 cases registered in Ukraine since Russia began its invasion on February 24, and 223 children have died.

G7 leaders are due to meet Volodymyr Zelensky this Sunday

This Sunday, the leaders of the G7 member states (United States, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom) will meet with President Volodymyr Zhelensky ahead of a May 9 demonstration of Russian forces. Parade.

Discussions will focus on the latest developments in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but show the “unity of the G7 in the collective response, the severe sanctions associated with Putin’s war.”

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The exchange will take place in the afternoon.

British intelligence says Russia has inflicted heavy casualties on Ukraine

In its daily update posted on Twitter, British intelligence spoke of significant material losses caused by Russia in Ukraine.

“At least one T-90M, Russia’s most advanced tank, was destroyed in the war.

Moreover, “the conflict in Ukraine will have a major impact on the most advanced equipment. After the conflict, Russia will take considerable time and large sums to rebuild its military,” the intelligence services said.

UN Security Council calls on Ukraine to suspend uranium enrichment The Security Council report did not mention “war”, “conflict” or “invasion”.

This Friday, the UN. The Security Council issued its first report on the war in Ukraine, although it did not use the terms “war”, “conflict” or “invasion”.

The text notes that “the Council is deeply concerned with maintaining peace and security in Ukraine.”

Then state, “Under the Charter of the United Nations, all member states are committed to resolving their international conflicts in a peaceful manner.”

Azovstell: New outings are expected this Saturday

On Friday, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk announced that 50 civilians had been evacuated by a new humanitarian convoy from the largest Azovstal factory, the last part of Ukrainian forces’ resistance in the besieged port city of Mariupol.

“Today we were able to evacuate 50 women, children and the elderly from Assault. We will continue the evacuation operation tomorrow morning,” Iryna Vereshchuk announced in a telegram on Friday.

Eleven of these fifty civilians were deported, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

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