LIVE – US midterm results: JD Vance, pro-Trump candidate, Ohio senator-elect, first big setback for Biden

For some, there are obstacles, for some, they came to defend democracy.Right to be there», Americans vote in intensity and tension. “I have noticed that some candidates who contested recently have opted for defamation and negative campaigning. I don’t want these people to represent me at a higher levelsays 39-year-old engineer Quonn Bernard as he opens a poll in Union City, an African-American town near Atlanta, Georgia.

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In Phoenix, Arizona, one of the polling stations experienced problems Tuesday morning with its machines responsible for printing ballots, AFP reporters noted. Joe Biden’s presidential victory in 2020 is enough to reinforce the pessimism of some Arizonans in a southwestern state that continues to be contested by Republican candidates. “This machine should have been tested a long time ago, last week“, grumbles Donald Newton, an endogenous Republican who was able to vote in a neighboring office, and who is convinced that the 2020 electionStolen».

At a polling station in Georgia. Reuters

In McAllen, a city in Texas near the border with Mexico, Enrique Ayala, a 64-year-old retiree, said, “Everyone will be civil and all parties will accept their successes and failures». «There is so much polarization and misinformation that I want to make sure my voice is heard“, says Robin Kirther, a 61-year-old doctor, mug of coffee in hand. “It’s worrying, the rhetoric from both sides is so extreme“, he made no secret of his preference for the Democratic Party.

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