Live War in Ukraine: Half of Energy System Damaged by Russian Strikes


Moscow accuses Ukraine of executing more than 10 prisoners of war

“No one can present the deliberate and premeditated killing of more than 10 Russian soldiers. A sad exception The Russian Defense Ministry said this after videos were posted on social media purporting to show the bodies of surrendered Russian soldiers lined up on the ground.


Almost half of the energy system was damaged by the strikes in Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Ukraine announced this on Friday. On Thursday evening, Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that 10 million Ukrainians are without electricity.


The Netherlands will summon the Russian ambassador

This is to get the Dutch government answers to Moscow’s comments on the verdict of the MH17 crash investigation, which condemned the verdict as “political” and “slanderous”.


Elisabeth Bourne leaves for Germany on November 25

The stakes are very high as rekindling the warmth of relations between the two countries will be especially a question in the context of this war. According to Elizabeth Bourne’s services, both countries will reaffirm their “unwavering support” for Ukraine.


A significant part of Ukraine was cut off

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations, 30% of the country is covered by mines. This is 10 times more than before the war.


Preventive cuts

While many Ukrainians are still without power, national operator Ukrenergo announces that, where power will be restored, “restrictions will be imposed for several hours” during the day this Friday, to avoid overloading the electricity network.


New delivery of Russian Fertilizers coming soon

A second shipment of Russian fertilizers is expected to flow from the European Union to West Africa after the UN successfully overcame sanctions-related sanctions on Russia, a senior UN official told AFP.

In theory, agricultural products and fertilizers are not subject to sanctions against Russia, but because of the risks associated with the conflict in the Black Sea, shipowners are unwilling to indemnify their ships because they cannot insure them. After intense discussions, Russia and the UN have found an amicable solution to the sanctions regime in place against Moscow.


12:54 p.m

APEC Condemns War (Partially)

In a joint press release, ministers from APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) countries, currently meeting at a summit in Bangkok, let it be known that some of them “condemn the war” in Ukraine. But they insist that the summit is not meant to address security issues.


Kyiv-Kherson train connection resumes

A week after Russia’s withdrawal, Ukrainian authorities announced the reopening of the Kyiv-Kherson railway line. “The first trip will take place today at 22:14 (soit 20h14 GMT) From the capital, it will arrive around 9 am tomorrow. (7 a.m. GMT) In Kherson,” a local official, Serguiï Khlan, said on Facebook, “about 200 passengers (…) will travel on board.”


Moscow says a weapons depot has been destroyed

Russian agency Tass says Moscow forces have destroyed stockpiles of Western-supplied weapons in Ukraine. Information not confirmed by Ukraine or independent sources.

11:36 a.m

No compromise

Mikhaïlo Podolyak, adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, said conciliation on Ukrainian territories “will not bring peace, but will increase the number of victims”. Any concession in this regard “would be a victory for Putin”, he pleads, along the same lines as the Ukrainian president.


Orban’s reviews

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has called EU sanctions against Russia a “step towards war”, intensifying his criticism of the Brussels strategy as “dangerous”. He also says he is ready to “fight” possible new economic sanctions.

REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo/File photo

“Anyone who intervenes economically in a military conflict is taking a stand,” still assesses the nationalist leader in an interview.


No summit is planned between Moscow and Washington

In the same statement, Dmitry Peskov also said that “there is no chance of a summit between Russia and the United States.” However, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov assures us that “if the United States shows that they are ready and interested, we will not refuse a meeting.”


Moscow is talking about Nord Stream

“It is important to find out who is behind the attack on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said minutes later, according to Russian news agency Tass. Announcement of the first Swedish resultsThis confirms the “sabotage” thesis.



Russia wants to strengthen in Crimea

“Reinforcement operations are being carried out under my control on the territory of Crimea to guarantee the safety of Crimeans,” announced Moscow-installed governor Sergu Aksyonov.


A track of sabotage has been confirmed for Nord Stream

The Swedish prosecutor then leads the investigation Spills from the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, confirming this Friday morning that it was a subversive act. “Analysis shows traces of explosives in many of the foreign objects found”, he explains. In a press release, said the investigation is ongoing. So far, the prosecution has not indicated any liability.


A step towards America?

“The (prisoner exchange) prospect is not just a quote, it’s getting stronger and I believe the time will come to get a concrete agreement,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was quoted as saying. Russian news agencies. The reports come a day after it was announced that American basketball player Brittney Griner, who was arrested in Moscow and convicted of drug trafficking, will be transferred to a Russian penal colony.

AFP/Pool/Evgenia Novosenina

The basketball player’s supporters denounced it as a political affair, accusing Russian authorities of holding him hostage amid tensions between Moscow and Washington over Ukraine.


Deaths in the Zaporizhia region

In Telegram, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, Kyrillo Tymoshenko, reports that two people were found dead this Friday, the day after a shooting spree in the Zaporizhia region. This will bring the death toll since Thursday’s shelling of the city of Vilnius to nine.


“Preparing for Winter 2023”

“We won’t run out of gas this year,” assures Thierry Breton. “We are already going through this winter (…) in the future, we will manage it”, continues the European Commissioner. “We are already preparing for the winter of 2023,” he explains to France Information.


War in the wake of the missile fall in Poland

“It’s still Vladimir Putin’s fault,” responded Thierry Breton after a missile landed in Poland on Tuesday, killing two people. “We will see the attribution, but the origin is still this war”, insists the European Commissioner in France information.

LP/Olivier Lejeune



The Pope wants to help

In an interview with an Italian newspaper PrintPope Francis reiterates that the Vatican is “ready to do anything” to mediate and end the conflict.


Russians in full reorganization

According to a new daily update from the British Ministry of Defence, the Russians are currently in the process of reorganizing and reorganizing their forces. They will also begin digging trenches near the Crimean border but between the Donetsk and Luhansk regions “which suggests they are preparing for a new Ukrainian breakthrough event,” the ministry described.


Ukrainian experts came to Poland

They will participate in the investigation From where the missile that killed two people in Poland was fired. “Our experts are already in Poland,” the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, said on Twitter. “We hope that in cooperation with Polish law enforcement, they will quickly access the site of the incident,” he adds.


“Grievous Violations of International Humanitarian Law”

Russian strikes on civilian infrastructure (including electricity) are “acts constituting war crimes,” according to France’s Justice Anne-Claire Legendre, a spokeswoman for the foreign ministry. “These are grave violations of international humanitarian law,” he insists.


Teams of French investigators in Ukraine

“This raises particular concerns on our part,” he said France info Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Legendre on allegations of torture in Kherson. There are teams in Ukraine to assist investigators, if they request them in this city, he continued.


Torture on an “atrocious” scale

“I have yet to see” torture “on such a scale”, declared Dmytro Lubinets, the parliament’s head of human rights, on national television “after visiting all the torture chambers in different parts of Ukraine”.


10 million Ukrainians without electricity


“This war is your problem too”

At the APEC summit, Emmanuel Macron is calling on Asia-Pacific countries to join a “growing consensus” against the war in Ukraine, insisting the war is also “their problem”. “Help us send this message to Russia: Stop the war, respect the international order, come back to the (negotiating) table “, he insists.


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