Mobilization in Russian army: Putin increases sentence to 10 years in prison for surrendering or refusing to fight

This Saturday, September 24, the Kremlin announced additional sanctions against those who surrender or refuse to fight.

Now they can be jailed for 10 years. Russian soldiers who surrender or refuse to fight during mobilization incur heavy fines.

France info These amendments to the Penal Code, previously voted by parliament, were signed by Vladimir Putin and entered into force on Saturday, September 24.

300,000 bookings are expected

As a reminder, with this “partial mobilization”, 300,000 reservationists will have to take the field and fight. According to Andrii Kartabolo, chairman of the Duma security committee, quoted by a Russian business daily. Commercial (in Russian), “Foremen, non-commissioned officers, midshipmen under the age of 35 and non-commissioned officers under the age of 45” will be mobilized.

730 demonstrators were arrested

More than 730 people were arrested in Russia during Saturday’s protests against the mobilization order, rights group OVD-Info Reuters reported.

OVD-Information reported arrests in 32 different cities. Unauthorized gatherings are illegal under Russian law, which prohibits any activity that harms the armed forces.

Many protests were held in the country against this protest. Border traffic has intensified Airlines are mandated to sell more tickets to 18-65 year olds.

A call to strangers

As specified OopsThe legislative decision has another component, allowing foreigners who join the military to apply for Russian citizenship after one year, as opposed to five years of residence in the country in normal times.

“This move seems to be primarily aimed at immigrants from the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, who occupy the most demanding jobs in big cities like Moscow”, our colleagues note.

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