Moscow threatens to attack command centers in Kiev

9:25 am: What are war crimes?

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has said that “war crimes” are defined as serious violations of international law against civilians or militants during armed conflict, and that this includes the personal liability of their perpetrators. .

These crimes are related to violations of the Geneva Conventions adopted after World War II in 1949. Their most recent code is found in Section 8 of the Rome Code of 1998, which established the International Criminal Court (ICC).

This article defines more than 50 war crimes, including murder, torture, hostage-taking, the use of child soldiers, illegal deportation, deliberate attacks on civilians, rape, robbery or intentional assaults on humanitarian aid or peacekeeping missions. The use of gas that can cause “unnecessary suffering” or “indiscriminate strikes” or generally prohibited weapons, such as cluster munitions, are also considered war crimes.

War crimes fall under the ICC. This International Court of Justice in The Hague was established in 2002 to try such crimes and crimes against humanity, genocide and most recently aggression.

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