North Korea declares it is done with the epidemic and threatens Seoul with reprisals

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Wednesday, August 10, a “Intelligent Success” In Covid-19, after almost two weeks without a new officially registered case.

This was welcomed by Kim Jong-un, who chaired a meeting with health workers and scientists “Success (…) In the War Against Malignant Epidemics »According to the official KCNA news agency. “The victory of our people is a historic event that has once again highlighted to the world the greatness of our state, the indomitable perseverance of our people and the beautiful national customs of which we are proud.”The agency quoted the North Korean leader as saying.

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Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un’s influential sister Kim Yo-jong has accused Seoul of causing the Covid-19 outbreak in her country. He attacked the ballooning of propaganda leaflets from South Korea “Crime Against Humanity”The official KCNA news agency reported.

Despite the 2021 ban, South Korean activists continue to send up balloons containing leaflets and dollar bills, prompting protests from Pyongyang. North Korea has previously accused “Foreign Affairs” Seoul has rejected accusations that the isolated country, close to the border with the South, caused the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kim Jong-un is suffering from Covid-19

Mme Many countries and the World Health Organization (WHO) have recognized it, Kim said “Risk of Transmission of an Infectious Disease by Contact with Contaminated Materials”According to the article. “It is very worrying that South Korea is sending leaflets, money, brochures and dirty things to our area”, she added. Kim Yo-jong warned that Pyongyang was considering “Strong Retaliation”If more balloons continue, “We will respond by eradicating the virus, but so will the South Korean authorities.”.

In June, Seoul promised not to “There are no officially verified cases of covid infection by mail or material”. South Korea’s Unification Ministry refused “baseless allegations” And this “Rude and threatening comments” D. Pyongyang.

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According to his sister, Kim Jong-un has contracted Covid-19. Manager “During the days of this isolated war he suffered from a severe fever, but he could not lie down for a moment, for he thought of the people for whom he was responsible.”, she said. Pyongyang has announced for the first time that Mr Kim, who is closely watched by monitors, has been infected with the coronavirus.

Hospitals with inadequate facilities

North Korea, which became one of the first countries in the world to close its borders in January 2020 after the virus emerged in neighboring China, has long boasted about its ability to defend against the virus.

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Pyongyang announced its first case of the coronavirus on May 12 And Kim Jong-un has taken the fight against the pandemic personally. Since July 29, there have been no new cases in Pyongyang. North Korea has reported nearly 4.8 million infections since the end of April, with only 74 deaths, an official case fatality rate of 0.002%, according to KCNA. Experts, including the WHO, are skeptical of Pyongyang’s health statistics and containment of the outbreak.

The country’s hospitals are under-equipped, with few intensive care units and no coronavirus treatment or vaccine, experts say. Neighboring South Korea, which has an efficient health system and high vaccination rates among its population, has a fatality rate of 0.12%, according to official figures.

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