Oklahoma enacts law prohibiting abortion after conception

On Thursday, May 19, the Oklahoma Parliament passed a law banning all abortions, making this conservative stronghold in the south of the United States the most restrictive provision for voluntary termination of pregnancy. (IVG).

At the federal level, voting comes at a time when the right to abortion is in jeopardy. According to the document released Politics, Fifty years later, the United States Supreme Court is set to reconsider its historic decision to protect abortion.

The law passed in Oklahoma will come into force once it is signed by Governor Kevin Stitt. The Republican Party has already announced that it will put its signature on any speech imposing additional restrictions on abortion.

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Kamala Harris immediately condemned the decision of the Oklahoma Legislature “Latest in blatant attacks on women by elected officials”. A few months before the midterm elections, the Vice President called on Americans to elect leaders who would defend the right to abortion. “At the local, state and federal levels”. “It was never that urgent”Warned about Twitter.

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Condemn abortionists?

Inspired by legislation passed by Texas in September 2021, the text passed in Oklahoma paves the way for lawsuits initiated by ordinary citizens against women suspected of having performed abortions. The definition of abortion, according to the text, however, is not included “Morning Use, Prescription, Dispensing or Sale of Pills, or Any Contraceptive or Emergency Contraception”.

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The Planned Parenthood Organization, which protects the right to abortion, has announced it will do so “Prosecute Oklahoma”. “This ban should be lifted – along with all other sanctions passed by this government last month”Planned Parenthood continued on Twitter.

On May 3, Governor Kevin Stitt announced that he had already signed into law a law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. “I want Oklahoma to be the most ‘pro’ state in the country.”He said that using the expression used by Americans against abortion.

Oklahoma welcomes thousands of Texan women who have been wanting to have an abortion for months, sending a similar speech in September 2021 to this neighboring state.

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