Paris accuses Russia of needing a “curtain of blood” between Russia and Europe

With the war in Ukraine, Russia wants to create a “Sung by Raito Dwith its European neighbours, said French Foreign Secretary for Europe Laurence Boon on Thursday July 28. He welcomed the granting of EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova.LifeFor these countries, further: “There can be no half measures when Russia chooses to draw a curtain of blood between itself and its surroundings».

“A Great Barrier Has Been Broken”

Ukraine, theaterUnspeakable crimes“of the Russian forces, taken”A battle she must win because her future and ours depend on itHe said during the debate on the French presidency of the European Union, which ended at the end of June.

The Secretary of State was pleased to 27 “Unprecedented in their scope, the coalition responded with unprecedented sanctionsto the Russian invasion. Target, she continuedMaking the war economically, financially and militarily untenable for Russia“. She also realizes that the European Union exists “Broke a big barrierBy funding arms for kyiv. For the European Union,The era of strategic innocence is overLawrence Boone said.

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