Paris “seriously concerned” about possible “choices” by Malian soldiers “along with Russian mercenaries”

Quai d’Orsay reports that hundreds of civilians have been killed in a village in the center of the country.

France is “Serious concernThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday, April 4, about the possible abuse of Malian soldiers in Mali by mercenaries belonging to the private Russian group Wagner.

Malian army says he was killed Friday evening. “203 fighters“From”Terrorist armed groupsDuring an operation in the Sahelian region of central Mali from March 23 to 31. This function “Great purpose“, Held”In the Djenné circle in the Kouakjourou, 17 kilometers northeast of the Maura regionIts statement said it had been able to kill “203 militants” of “armed terrorist groups”.

France “worried”

AFP could not verify any statement. On Friday, the staff was called. “People need to be restrained against slanderous speculationOf the Mali Armed Forces. But international reactions from Washington to Paris via the European Union and the United Nations show that this version of the facts is fiercely competitive. France said to itself:Concerns over reports of massive abuses in the village of Moura by elements of the Malian Armed Forces with Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group that led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians“Quai d’Orsay’s press release said.

She “National and international investigations must be opened expeditiously to establish responsibility for these acts and bring their perpetrators to justice.“And”Concerns about the proliferation of abuses in central Mali since the beginning of 2022 and the impunity for these abuses“Finally, French diplomacy insists.”The struggle against terrorist groups operating in Sahel cannot in any way justify human rights violations“who”Only strengthen these groups“These reports come in the context of the presence of the French anti-jihadi force Barkane in the process of leaving Mali, following months of deteriorating relations with Bamako.

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“Complex Evidence”

In Brussels, EU High Representative Joseph Borel also ruled. “Very worrying“Information about Monday”Hundreds of people die in Maura village. ⁇Minusma (UN delegation) needs to access the scene of events in order to support the interim authorities in their investigation.“, He added.”The exemplary conduct of the State and its security forces, the primary mandate being to protect the public, cannot be affected by any exception.. ⁇The conditions of counter-terrorism operations in Mali in recent weeks should be brought to lightCharles Michael, President of the Council of Europe, described it.Trouble“The”Evidence of the death of hundreds of people.

As of Saturday, Minusma is doing its part. “Conflicts were reportedBetween the Mali military and militant groups and agreedVery concerned about allegations of violenceAgainst the public. Tito on the side of the US State Department that ruled on Sunday “Very annoyingThese allegations were also cited by Wagner. “This conflicting information explains the urgent need for Mali’s interim authorities to provide free, secure and unrestricted access to investigators in the area where these tragic events took place.“According to Minusma, jihadi violence has killed dozens of civilians in recent weeks in the central-eastern Mali and three border areas (between Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso).

This vast expansion is a scene of (regular and irregular) violence and clashes between several armed organizations on the ground, including groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. Jihadists have been accused of attacking civilians suspected of collaborating with their opponents or informing them. At the same time, NGOs and former rebels are blaming the Malian Armed Forces (FAMA) for the alleged abuse. UN Secretary – General Antonio GuterresBilateral partners“, In a recent report submitted to the Security Council on the need to pay their respects during counter-terrorism operations.”International obligations.

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