Peru: A woman wakes up during her funeral

Last Tuesday, a wave of panic swept through a church in northern Peru. A 36-year-old woman rose from her coffin at her own funeral.

On April 26, relatives of Rosa Isabel Cespet Galaka heard a noise coming from the deceased’s coffin. The latter knocked on the wall, trying to signal to the assembly that she was still alive. A scene from his funeral.

Suspicious, the caretaker of the grave, Juan Sekundo Cajo, opened the coffin and searched inside. He told the Daily Mail about this particular experience: “She opened her eyes and was sweating. I rushed to my office to call the police.

The young woman was taken to hospital before being noticed. Her health seemed to improve, but hours after this surprise returned to life, it was announced that Rosa Isabel Cespet Galaga was dead again.

A possible medical error caused this resurrection

Rosa was killed in a serious road accident. Rosa’s nephew was killed in an accident and her nephews were seriously injured. The young woman, who was in critical condition, was pronounced dead before being amputated and her family now wants answers.

“We want to know why my daughter-in-law behaved when we were about to bury her. We have videos of her pushing the coffin,” the latter’s aunt explains.

The medical profession would have confused a deep coma with death. An investigation has been opened to determine whether there was negligence on the part of the health professionals that led to the young woman’s final death.

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