Rishi Sunak, British Conservative Prime Minister of 2022

Suspense was limited when Boris Johnson dropped out of the race before he officially announced himself as a candidate: Rishi Sunak, his former chancellor, former ally turned bitter enemy, was named leader of the British Conservative Party. party, Monday, October 24. The Tories still have a considerable majority in the House of Commons, Mr. Sunak, 42, will be the third Conservative prime minister until 2022, when King Charles III handed him the task of forming a new government on Tuesday. October 25 morning.

What an incredible “again” this brave partner, the hair and dress are always sinful. In early September, he dropped out of the race to succeed Boris Johnson, flat stitched Lis dress pair at the same time, the promises of massive tax cuts appealed more to members of the Tory Party. His relatives speculated about his future, with some thinking he would quit politics and become a banker again. Seven weeks later, the “loser” will return to Downing Street through the front door, after all his predictions have been proven correct: Liz Truss’s “mini-budget” has sent sterling reeling, fleecing international investors and driving interest rates dangerously high. .

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The arrival of this brilliant elected official, who entered politics seven years ago, is an important moment for all ethnic minorities in the country: he is the first national leader of the United Kingdom. Its designation is best suited to “British Indians”, the British of Indian origin, the country’s largest minority (with about 1.5 million people). It interferes with the full celebration of Diwali, one of the most important celebrations of the Hindu and Sikh religious calendars, the festival of lights – the opportunity of the calendar. Mr. Sunak still suffers from divisions in a society, but is increasingly tolerant, where skin color does not prevent access to higher social or political functions.

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Considerable personal wealth

“This would not have been possible ten or twenty years ago, and proves that you can achieve the highest positions in public life, regardless of your faith or ethnicity. Whether or not you share Mr Sunak’s conservative views, this is a source of pride for many Asian Britons. Welcoming Sundar Khadwala, boss of think tank British Future, an expert asked identity questions. But unlike Sadiq Khan, Mayor of LondonOr the two sons of bus drivers of Pakistani origin, Mr. Sajid Javid, another former chancellor of Johnson’s Treasury, Rishi Sunak did not come from an ordinary background but rather from a conservative middle-class family. Its children are the private enterprises of the British elite.

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