Russian journalist killed in Kiev bombing

Oksana Paulina was killed by a rocket while filming the damage caused by a previous strike at a shopping center in the Bodil district northwest of the Ukrainian capital.

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Russian journalist Oksana Paulina was killed in a bomb blast in Kiev on Wednesday, March 23, according to the independent online media where she worked. Insider, Headquartered in Riga, the capital of Latvia, it is an independent online media company founded in 2013 by journalist and activist Roman Toprokodov.

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His newspaper reported that he had died following a rocket attack while filming the damage caused by an earlier strike at a shopping center in the Bodil district in the northwestern capital of Ukraine. One civilian was killed and two others were injured in the blast.

Before joining The Insider, Oksana Paulina was the producer of the Anti-Corruption Foundation in her country. Classified as “Terrorist organization” By the authorities, the journalist had to leave Russia and continue working InsideR. on the subject of corruption.

He went to Ukraine as a reporter, where he did many lessons in kyiv and Lviv, yet according to his media, he revealed. “Deepest condolences” To his family and friends. “We will continue the war in Ukraine, including the Russian war crimes and the indiscriminate bombing of residential areas that resulted in the deaths of civilians and journalists.”, The media added. A total of five journalists have been killed in Ukraine since the start of the Russian offensive on February 24.

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