Since the military mobilization was announced in Russia, more than 2,300 arrests have been made

Cover Image: On September 27, in the Verkni Lars border area between Georgia and Russia. Zurab Tsertsvadze / AP

  • The G7 countries have vowed not to “Never Recognized” The results of the merger vote, which runs until Tuesday 27 September In the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk (east), and in the Russian-occupied regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia (south). For its part, Washington has vowed to respond “Fast and Furious” In March 2014, for these annexations following the procedure of Crimea. China, Moscow’s closest ally, called for deference “Territorial Integrity of All Nations”.
  • “The situation in Donetsk region is very difficult”emphasized Volodymyr Zelensky During his daily address. “We are doing everything possible to suppress the activities of the enemy. This is our primary objective as it belongs to the aggressor. »
  • Kyiv says it is investigating a new mass grave near the Russian border, 10 days later more than 440 graves and a mass grave were discovered near Isium in the same area of ​​Kharkiv. Soldiers and officers raise a hundred bodies without detail.
  • Oleksandr Striouk, Mayor of Severodonetsk, UkraineCondemnation on Telegram “Lies and Propaganda” from « Referendum of the Russian Federation (…) There is only the name”. These referendums demonstrate the legitimacy of Russia’s annexation of these regions.
  • Oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin admitted for the first time that Wagner founded the mercenary group. This close friend of Vladimir Putin has been suspected for years as a financier of mercenaries working for the Kremlin. Ukraine acknowledged their presence in Africa and Latin America.
  • The US has publicly and privately called for an end to Russia’s nuclear threat talks the war in Ukraine; A weapon whose use warns Washington of consequences “catastrophe”.
  • The port city of Odessa in southern Ukraine was reportedly attacked by Iranian-made drones used by the Russian military, Ukrainian military officials said Sunday.
  • According to information obtained by Reuters news agency, Two senior Russian parliamentarians criticized Russia’s campaign to mobilize reserves on SundayThe local authorities must control the situation and bring it to an end quickly “excessive” Infuriated the public.
  • Moscow also on Saturday toughened penalties for absconders. Vladimir Putin has signed into law amendments that provide up to ten years in prison for soldiers who desert the army or refuse to fight. The Russian president also signed a law facilitating access to Russian citizenship At a time when Moscow is making every effort to recruit more men to fight in Ukraine, foreigners who will join the army for at least a year.
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