“Situation critical” after Russian attack on power plants, according to Kiev

The Kremlin says mobilization is not yet complete

Partial mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists to fight in Ukraine incomplete “for now”Although many regions have already completed the process, the Kremlin said on Tuesday. “As of now, there is no presidential order yet.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that this would put an end to the mobilization.

The comments came a day after Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the closure of military mobilization centers that have been open in the Russian capital for nearly a month. Since President Vladimir Putin announced partial demobilization on September 21, Moscow’s mayor has estimated that the Russian capital has recruited men sent to fight in Ukraine. The announcement caused great concern and prompted tens of thousands of Russians to flee the country to avoid conscription. Last week, Mr “In two weeks”It admitted failure.

On Tuesday, Dmitry Peskov said several regions had completed the mobilization process, but did not specify which ones. “The Ministry of Defense has fixed the quota for each region. Some say they have completed the process.”He told reporters that Russian authorities would not raise more than the announced number of quotas of 300,000.

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