SpaceX rocket debris found in field in Australia

Somewhere in the middle of a field in Australia, a sheep farmer came across… a monolith planted in the ground. About 2.5 meters high. Alien remains? Of course not. Space debris of terrestrial origin.

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In New South Wales (Australia), a sheep farmer made a surprising discovery a few days ago. One of a kind monolithic Type «2001: A Space Odyssey». His field is planted with space debris about 2.5 meters high. He’s not the only one. Two of his neighbors found similar remains on their property. Residents reported hearing a deafening noise. So, is this an extraterrestrial craft affected by a bad maneuver?

Of course not, say experts. However, engineers from the Australian Space Agency (ASA) went there to examine the debris in question. All within the framework of a government program aimed at controlling our re-entry Atmosphere of Space debris. History to define each other’s responsibilities in the matter.

More debris to be found from SpaceX mission

Before them, Brad Tucker, A Astrophysicist The Australian National University previously shared its findings. According to him, it was the remnants of the SpaceX capsule. And this is for several reasons. First because noise The time described by locals was when the SpaceX Crew-1 trunk — the under-the-capsule, depressurized area — was declared to be entering our atmosphere. The location of the debris later coincided almost exactly with the craft’s re-entry path.

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ASA experts confirm this. And everyone expects other rubbish SpaceX Seen in the coming weeks or even months. They invite those who come across them to avoid dealing with them and instead contact the company’s dedicated service.Elon Musk. By phone or email at

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