Spanish Catholics want to discuss the future of Roman priesthood

According to a document released on Saturday, Spanish Catholics want Rome to consider discussions about the future of the clergy, including celibacy and the appointment of women and married men.

The document, which was able to read a copy of the AFP, was released by the Episcopal Conference, which unites key Spanish bishops, during a meeting of 600 people in Madrid.

It was drawn up after consultation with more than 215,000 people, mainly ordinary people but also priests and bishops. These proposals will be brought in a document to be submitted to the Council of Bishops to be held at the Vatican next year.

They insist “It is necessary to read in detail the question of the celibacy of priests and the appointment of married people. The question of the appointment of women also aroseThe document states that these questions are raised only in certain dioceses.

Insists thatReviewing the role of women in the churchGive themMore leadership and responsibility.

There is more “Needs more attentionDivorced or remarried or transgender.

The document was released by a panel of independent experts just months after lawmakers approved Spain’s first official inquiry into child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

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