Story by Le Picaro’s special correspondent

Several models of Russian tanks are on display in the city of Lisitsansk on July 12. Russian Ministry of Defense/AP

Report – With the capture of Lisitsansk, Russia controls the entire Luhansk region, which has been depopulated and emptied.

From our special correspondent in Lissitchansk, Sieverodonetsk, Luhansk

It’s a curious temporary exhibition that has been marred by weeks of heavy fighting in the rest of Lisitsansk’s city center. For the visit of a group of journalists (including the Special Envoy Picaro), taken by the Russian army to see the “liberation” of the city — according to a formula sanctified by Moscow — the victors wanted to drive the point home.

On Dovshenko Street, in front of the destroyed signs, Russian tanks marched in triumphant rows, each with its own briefing group. Beside them, a few players pose proudly. Opposite, trestles display a variety of weapons and ammunition, like a war-spoiled market. On the ground, a tray contains several missiles and rocket launchers of various capacities. One of them is the Franco-German Milan anti-tank missile.

There are many mixed families here, we lived peacefully, why make us enemies? (…) Why destroy everything?

Natalya Soumskaya, 49, a resident of Lisitsansk

In a nearby park, an unexploded shell was found, stuck…

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