Tehran says it will not ignore evidence that Russia is using Iranian-made drones in conflict

Iran hits back at accusations of drones used by Russia

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian said on Monday that his country would not stay “indifferent” If it is proven that Russia is using Iranian-made drones in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday that Russia had ordered it “About 2,000 Iranian Shahad”kamikaze drones to support its invasion of Ukraine.

“On the War in Ukraine (…), We oppose arming both Russia and Ukraine.Mr. Amir Abdullahian said in video reports released by local media. “We are not supplying weapons or drones to Russia to use in war against Ukraine”While acknowledging security cooperation between Tehran and Moscow, he repeated earlier denials.

The Iranian minister reaffirmed his country’s willingness to hold direct talks with Ukraine on the matter, stressing that he had sent a message to European Union (EU) diplomatic chief Joseph Borel. “I told Mr. Borel that if it becomes clear to us that Russia has used Iranian drones against Ukraine, we will certainly not be indifferent to this matter.”he said.

In recent weeks, Ukraine and its Western allies have accused Moscow of using Iranian-made drones in attacks on Ukraine. Iran has denied the allegations, while the Kremlin has argued that the West wants them “lobby” in Tehran. Last week, the EU and the UK announced new sanctions against Iran targeting three generals and an arms company. “Responsible for Supplying Suicide Drones to Russia” Ukraine should be bombed.

On Monday, Foreign Affairs spokesman Nasser Khanani in Tehran rejected U.S. allegations that Iranian military personnel were stationed in the Moscow-annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, helping the Russians operate drones launched against energy infrastructure and cities in Ukraine.

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“We strongly condemn these accusations aimed at diverting public attention from the destructive role [des Etats-Unis] In the war in Ukraine (…) By exporting arms and equipment in bulk” To, he said. In September, Kyiv decided to severely reduce its diplomatic ties with Tehran over alleged arms supplies to Moscow.

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