Tensions in Asia: Impressive images of Chinese missile attack near Taiwan

China fired several missiles near Taiwan on Thursday as its military conducted a series of military exercises in the waters and airspace around the self-governing island, which Beijing considers its sovereign territory.

China’s military said it carried out several routine missile launches in waters off Taiwan’s east coast as part of planned exercises. Images of these shootings were quickly posted on social networks and recognized by many media outlets. Other videos were published directly by Chinese media.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said several Dongfeng missiles were fired into the waters off the island’s northeast and southwest. China fired two missiles near Taiwan’s Matsu Islands, off China’s coast, at 2 p.m. local time (0600 GMT) toward exercise areas declared by China, according to a Taiwan internal security report seen by Reuters. By Taiwanese security.

Taiwan’s cabinet spokesman strongly condemned the drill, saying the websites of the defense, foreign ministries and the president’s office had been attacked by hackers. The maneuvers, spread across six bases, will end at noon local time (0400 GMT) on Sunday, state television reported, following a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a trip condemned by Beijing, which claims the territory of Taiwan.

\ud83c\udde8\ud83c\uddf3\ud83c\uddf9\ud83c\uddfcAs expected, the Chinese military began military exercises around Taiwan on Thursday, August 4, in response to the visit of US Representative-elect Nancy Pelosi.

In particular, it fired unidentified projectiles towards the strait #Taiwan. #Chinese Army#America#Biden pic.twitter.com/eOYIhIcfbK

— Released (@LAffranchi54) August 4, 2022

The area in question encircles the island from the north, east and south and crosses 12 nautical miles of territorial waters claimed by Taiwan, which, according to Taipei, questions the international order and amounts to its maritime blockade. air space. The maneuver area is unprecedented, Meng Xiangqing, a professor at China’s National Defense University, told state television. He considers actual military action against Taiwan plausible.

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\ud83d\udd38 Land-based missile launch into the Taiwan Strait. pic.twitter.com/JLeAZYRzFT

— The (Small) Think Tank (@L_ThinkTank) August 4, 2022

“In fact, in the future, this creates very good conditions for us as we reshape our strategic landscape to support our integration,” Meng Xiangqing said, adding that Chinese forces in two areas on Taiwan’s northern coast could block Keelung. Attacks could be launched from an area east of Taiwan, the major port, and target military bases in Hualien and Taidong, he added. Kaoshiung’s “gates” could be blocked by the Chinese military on the southwest coast, the professor added.

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? A video from Chinese social media shows the missile being fired towards the Taiwan Strait.


— The (Small) Think Tank (@L_ThinkTank) August 4, 2022

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