The city mayor announced Sunday morning that “multiple explosions” had shaken the queue

According to Vitaly Klitschko, the worst affected districts are Dornitsky and Dniprovsky, east of the capital.

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The capital of Ukraine is shaking again. Q’s mayor reported Sunday, June 5th. “Several explosions in the city’s Tornitsky and Dniprovsky districts” Early morning. “Services are discontinued” Vitaly Klitschko said in a telegram that the fire had broken out in this eastern part of the capital. “The Occupier [russe] It continues to launch missiles and carry out airstrikes on our country’s military and civilian infrastructure, especially in Kyiv. “Confirmed the staff of the Ukrainian army on its Facebook page.

It is noteworthy that the capital, where the Russian rope was loosened in early April and late March, was attacked on April 28, the day of the visit of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky “Five Missiles” Then landed in kyiv. Airstrikes were sounded in several cities across the country overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

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