The International Atomic Energy Agency should submit its report on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

IAEA publishes report on Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

This Tuesday, September 6, is an important day to understand the situation at Zaporizhia, the Ukrainian nuclear power plant occupied by Russian forces.

“On Tuesday, Raffaele Grossi will issue a report on safety, security and safeguards in Ukraine, including the findings of his work for Zaporizhia in particular, and he will report to the UN Security Council on the work carried out at the plant.”The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) tweeted on Monday evening, citing its director general.

Its release comes a day after the last reactor in operation at the plant located in the south of the country was shut down. This line is connected to a nearby thermal power station. “Deliberately cut off to put out fire”, the IAEA said in a statement. But “It’s not damaged”And it should be reconnected as soon as possible.

According to the Ukrainian operator Energoatom, the fire “I declared myself because of the bombings.”. The site of Europe’s largest power plant has been bombed several times, raising fears of a nuclear disaster. For weeks, the Russians and Ukrainians blamed each other for the bombings.

After many negotiations, the UN A delegation from the agency was able to visit the site of the plant on Thursday, which has six reactors with a capacity of 1,000 megawatts each and fell into the hands of Russian troops in March. Invasion of Ukraine. Following a review with his team, Mr. Croce told reporters he found it “Physical Integrity” The plant was “Repeated Rape”. This is “Something that cannot continue”He added without naming the party responsible.

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The next day, Kyiv announced that it had attacked a Russian base in Energodar, a town neighboring the power plant, from where it accuses Russia of withdrawing its weapons ahead of an inspection by a UN agency delegation.

Most of the IAEA team left the plant on Friday. Of the six experts on site, four left on Monday morning and two are expected to remain there permanently.

On the diplomatic side, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered his mediation to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Saturday. Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed on Monday “Need to protect security” Nuclear facilities in Ukraine, Mr. According to the French President, during an interview with Zelensky.

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