The newspaper “Novaya Gazeta Europe” has taken rebirth to “provide accurate information” to the Russians

It was Russia’s last independent newspaper and a key symbol of the struggle for freedom of expression: Novaïa Gazeta, Founded by Anna Poldikovskaya and other journalists were killed for doing their job. Its leaders considered it too dangerous to continue their work, while the new law on the media imposes a 15-year prison sentence for disseminating any information. “Lies”, I.e., inconsistent with the Kremlin’s discourse on war. The newspaper announced at the end of March that it would suspend its online and paper publications.

While part of the group remained in place, another fled to create a legally independent new medium: Novaïa Gazeta Europe Russian and international news, especially articles and broadcasts on social networks have already begun to appear.

In Russia, Novaïa Gazeta Represented more than 3 million views on Net every day. His younger brother, Novaïa Gazeta EuropeBased in Riga, Latvia, it already has 100,000 loyal readers, by the way TelegraphAnd presence on social networks, and in particular Web light. Le Website Ready and shows the countdown on the homepage: The online release is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20th. Led Novaïa Gazeta EuropeRussian journalist Grill Martinov. “The situation is simple. We need to start working again soon to provide the right information, because in the current extreme situation, the Russians need this information. We need to provide it to them.”

“Obviously, working as a freelance journalist in Russia is not possibleProfile Kirill Martinov. So, our journalism is, on the one hand, in the midst of an ‘indirect action’ like spies; On the other hand, to succeed in sending this information to the Russians, we are like a digital start – up that can fight censorship on the Internet. “

Today about thirty journalists in the group have been deported. To rebuild an editorial office and find ways to work, they are backed by the JX Fund, a support fund for expatriate journalists. Boundless reportersIn which Pauline Ades Mவெvel is the spokesperson. “The money raised will be used by these journalists to work, buy equipment, land, start investigations, and they will be used in any newsroom.” In support of Novaya Gazeta and two independent Russian media outlets, 1.5 million euros have already been raised.

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