“The Russian flag will never fly above the queue,” the mayor of France promised in an interview with Blue Oxidani.

When the Ukrainian capital is on fire with Russian bombs, the mayor of the city tells our colleagues from France that Bleu Occitanie will defend his city to the end.

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“Russian flag will not fly over Kiev”Vitaly Klitschko, mayor of the Twin Cities, in an exclusive interview with Toulouse promised Tuesday, March 22nd France Blue Occitania. Former boxing world champion, talks about kyiv mayor since 2004 “65 killed” In his city from the beginning of the Russian invasion.

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“We prefer to die than to kneel”Vitaly Klitschko adds that “Russian soldiers will not return to Kiev”. According to him, Moscow “I do not expect such opposition from the Ukrainians.”

“Three weeks ago, Russian troops welcomed and planned to capture Ukraine in three days.”The Ukrainian mayor continues. “Russian soldiers are contract soldiers, they get paid for what they do. Our soldiers, they fight for their families, for their wives, for their homes, for their land.”

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