The Russian judiciary has ordered the confiscation of the offices of the NGO Memorial in Moscow

The NGO was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday Belarusian lawyer and human rights defender Ales Byaliatsky and the Center for Civil Rights in Ukraine.

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A Moscow court on Friday (7 October) ordered the confiscation of the offices in the Russian capital of a banned NGO Memorial from Russia, hours after a Belarusian activist and Ukrainian NGO won the Nobel Peace Prize. The main complex of memory in Russia “converted into public goods”The Tverskoy court told Interfax news agency after another trial against the NGO.

>> Nobel Peace Prize: “Putin is absolute evil” and “a threat to humanity”, founder of Russian NGO memorial reacts after Nobel Prize.

Earlier, after receiving the award, the body condemned the case against him. “At the moment when the whole world is congratulating us on the Nobel Prize, the case is being tried in the Tverskoi court [de Moscou] Capture the Memorial Complex”she lamented.

The monument was established in 1987 and has since become Russia’s largest human rights organization, the Nobel committee said on Friday. “In addition to establishing a documentation center for victims of the Stalin era, the memorial has compiled and systematized information on political repression and human rights abuses in Russia.” Comprehensive group.

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