The Russians in Lyman, the Belarusians on the border … The situation on the 93rd day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In Donbass, an adviser to the Ukrainian defense minister confirmed that pro-Russian separatists had taken Lyman out of the area.

On the 93rd day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Moscow condemns the Western “total war” against Russia and advances on the Donbass, especially towards Lyman.

பகுதி Lyman’s part in the hands of pro-Russian separatists?

Pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk claimed on Friday that they had taken “full control” of the Lyman area, an important crossroads in the Donbass. The operation, carried out with the help of Lukansk’s other separatist regional units and the “support” of the Russian armed forces, referred to the separatist “Republican” regional security personnel in the telegram.

Neither the Russian military nor the Ukrainian military immediately commented on the information, and the AFP could not verify it from an independent source. According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), an American research center, Russian forces “completely captured” Lyman on Thursday.

On BFMTV, Yuri Zak, an adviser to the Ukrainian defense minister, confirmed in Lyman that “Ukrainian troops are retreating.”

“This was decided at the highest level of the armed forces,” he said, noting that “Russia has not taken full control of the Lukansk and Donetsk regions” and that “the Ukrainian armed forces are thanks to Western weapons.”

Capturing Lyman is important because it opens the way for Russian forces to reach the regional bases of Sloviansk and then Kramatorsk, while at the same time encircling the entire siege of the other two major Ukrainian cities of Chevrodonetsk and Lysitshansk. More eastern cities.

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Belarus sends troops to its border with Ukraine

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has announced that he has asked his troops to move to the southern border of Ukraine.

“The United States, Europe and NATO are engaged in a global conflict with Russia. In this struggle, Belarus is facing unprecedented and protracted political, economic and military pressures,” he said. Known as pro-Russian.

“We are committed to improving our border security. I have asked the Armed Forces to deploy special forces from the west and northwest to the south of the country,” he pointed out.

Yuri Zak, adviser to the Ukrainian defense minister, announced on BFMTV that he would “act accordingly”.

“The armed threat from the Belarusian side has always been very strong. Since the beginning of this war, Russia has used Belarus as an impetus to carry out bombings on Ukraine. […] We see intrigues near our borders, we understand the threat and we will act accordingly, ”he explained.

Russia condemns the “total war” in the West that will last “a long time.”

The head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, condemned the Western “total war” against Russia and estimated that it would “last a long time.”

“The West has declared a full-scale war against us and the entire Russian world,” he said during a meeting with officials from the Russian Federation.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Western powers have multiplied sanctions against Moscow. According to Sergei Lavrov, a condition that leads to “unprecedented russophobia”.

“The United States and its satellites are doubling, quadrupling and quadrupleting their efforts to control Russia, using a broader tool: from unilateral sanctions to deep false propaganda outside the global media,” he told the minister.

Nearly 3 million refugees in border European countries

Nearly 3 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to countries bordering Ukraine, where they will move to other non-European European countries after the Russian invasion, ONU’s High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said. The UN says large numbers of Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries are in Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy.

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A total of 6,659,220 Ukrainians have fled their country since the Russian invasion on February 24. Of them, more than 3.5 million went west to Poland, the main country of arrival.

At the beginning of March, about 100,000 refugees a day were arriving at the Polish border, but by May their number had dwindled to about 20,000.

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