The supply of Russian oil through Ukraine was cut off

Distributions Russian oil The bank transaction was denied due to sanctions against Moscow, the Russian company responsible for transit through Ukraine to some European countries. Hydrocarbons.

In a press release, Transneft explained that the payment for August traffic rights through Ukraine on July 22 was rejected due to the entry into force of certain sanctions against Moscow. As a result, the Ukrainian company UkrTransNafta “Since August 4, Ukraine has stopped providing services for transporting oil across the border“said Transneft.

These are distributed through Ukraine via a branch of the Drushpa pipeline and serve three European countries without access to the sea, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Deliveries are made to Poland and Germany via another branch of Drushpa through Belarus.Proceed as normal“said Transneft. Despite Russia’s military offensive since late February, Russian oil and gas continue to be transported to the EU via Ukraine, many of whose members rely heavily on hydrocarbons from Moscow.

The European Union adopted a gradual ban on Russian oil in June, specifically providing for a six-month end to crude oil imports by boat. On the other hand, Druzhba was authorized to continue delivery through the pipeline “Temporarily“, without a deadline, the concession received by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who is developing his relations with Vladimir Putin and the country depends on the consumption of this cheap Russian oil for 65%.

European countries have been trying to reduce their energy dependence on Russia since the conflict in Ukraine and accusing Moscow of tapping its hydrocarbon supplies.A weapon of war“. As a result, Russia has sharply cut gas supplies to Europe in recent weeks.

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