The Thames has suffered a historic drought



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M. Boiseau, C. Mathini, L. Choudrey – France 2

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A country not associated with drought is England. Nevertheless, the country experienced its driest July since 1935, and the Thames’ source dried up.

The River Thames is an iconic river in the heart of London (UK) that is seemingly irreplaceable. But to the west of the capital, getting closer to the source, the river these days presents a completely different face, and in some places has disappeared. In the village of Ashton Keynes (United Kingdom), the bed of the stream at the foot of the houses is actually no more than a strip of land over several hundred meters. A shock to the citizens. “It can get dry here sometimes, but for a long, long time this summer“, one of them assures.

At Ashton Keynes, there is only one place of water along the river’s path, a small pond that stagnates very quickly. The result of a hot summer in the United Kingdom, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius: Unheard of in the country. To find the Thames with continuous flow, it is necessary walk About ten kilometers down. In recent days, without bringing the Thames back to normal, some violent downpours have slightly improved the situation.

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