The UN, Kyiv and Moscow continue to fight against the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Zaporizhia Power Plant: Arms Exchange between Russians and Ukrainians UN Proceedings before the Security Council

Russia and Ukraine again accused each other of endangering the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant at a Security Council meeting on Tuesday, while the United Nations (UN) General Secretariat called for a halt to all military operations around the site.

“Ukrainian armed forces continue to bombard the territory of the nuclear power plant, creating a real risk of a radiological accident with catastrophic consequences across the European continent”This meeting of the Council was initiated by the Russian Ambassador Vasiliy Nebenzia who requested it.

He also invited Westerners “Stop shutting down their Ukrainian protectors”. “We have the impression that our colleagues are living in a parallel reality in which the Russian military itself is dropping bombs on the base it defends.”He began.

“No one can imagine that Ukraine would target a nuclear power plant on its own territory, creating the greatest risk of a nuclear catastrophe”Ambassador of Ukraine Serhii Kislitsia responded. “One more time, [la Russie] It has the audacity to call a meeting of the Security Council to discuss its own provocations and its own terrorist activities.”Considering that, he added “An hour wasted listening to fanciful statements”.

Both countries confirm they are ready to access a team of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors at the site, but the mission is yet to be scheduled.

“It is very important that this work takes place so that the international community can see the reality, not the Russian drama”, launched by Sergiy Kyslytsya. His Russian partner also trusts the IAEA “Confirm the reality of the situation”he said.

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For her part, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Rosemary DeCarlo reiterated the need for bipartisanship. “To cease all military operations around the plant”. In the words of UN chief Antonio Guterres, he called off any attack on the plant “Suicide”she called ” general knowledge “concern “Daily News of Scary Incidents” About the plant.

Another meeting of the Security Council is scheduled for Wednesday morning to mark six months of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, particularly at the request of Washington, Paris and London.

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