The US State Department said the journalist may have been killed from an Israeli position

American-Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akle was killed on May 11 in the occupied West BankA “supposedly” According to a US analysis made public by the State Department on Monday 4 July, the victim was fired from an Israeli position. However, there are no experts “No Reason” It must be believed that this was a planned shooting.

The investigation could not reach a definitive conclusion on the origin of the bullet that killed the Al-Jazeera reporter who was covering the Israeli military operation in Jenin that day. “Much Damaged”The statement said.

M’s Qatar Channel’s famous journalist Abu Aghle shook the Middle East. Very much Palestinian Authority Al-Jazeera and Qatar (the country that funds the TV channel) immediately accused the Israeli army of killing her.

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Following the release of the report, Palestinian Authority Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh said: “We will not accept attempts to hide the truth and we are not afraid to blame Israel (…)Who is responsible for the assassination of Shireen Abu Aghle? » The journalist’s family said “on the ground”.

The Israeli military said it had examined the bullet

Ramallah, which refused to hand over the projectile to the Israeli army, finally handed it over to the Americans for expertise. But on Monday the Israeli military said it had carried out one “Ballistic Testing” The bulletin — fired with a 5.56-millimeter caliber and Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle, according to the Palestinian prosecutor — in the presence “U.S. Defense Officials”.

On Sunday, a Palestinian official asked Agence France-Presse (AFP) about the possibility, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Trust Americans”, Israel can inspect the ball handed over to the US. Israel continues to say it cannot determine the exact origin of Israeli or Palestinian gunfire, and has always ruled out deliberate firing.

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The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights came to an end on 24 June responsibility of the Israeli military ; An inquiry was dismissed as such “baseless” By Benny Gantz, Israeli Defense Minister. For their analysis, US officials in recent weeks, A “Full Access” Interrogations by Israeli forces and Palestinian authorities.

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“America (…) Cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on this important issue should continue to be encouraged. And “Insist on Accountability” In this regard, the spokesman for the US diplomatic mission, Ned Price, said on Monday. These latest developments come less than ten days before US President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel and the West Bank, a Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967, as part of his first tour of the Middle East since joining the White House.

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