They found a Mercedes buried in the garden of a luxury home they had stolen in 1992 – Edition du soir Ouest-France

By Nicholas Hassan-Farr

Landscapers working in the garden of an affluent home in Atherton, USA, found a car buried in the ground. It’s a Mercedes that was stolen in 1992 and has been buried for thirty years in a 15 million euro property located in one of the country’s wealthiest cities.

The long street consists of large apartments and small single-story houses that stand side by side in a quiet, tree-lined setting. Stockbridge Avenue stretches through a residential area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAtherton. One of the richest of America. There, in the garden of one of the (very) opulent properties on the artery, landscapers made a strange discovery on Thursday, 20 October 2022: they found an old car buried in the ground. It’s a Mercedes convertible…stolen in 1992, according to a US newspaper The Washington PostTuesday, October 25.

“Nothing unusual or suspicious”

That Thursday, in the morning, the owners of the house, estimated at 15 million dollars (i.e. several euros), alerted the landscapers: while working in the garden, they discovered the Mercedes buried in the ground. They then call the Atherton police, who take the matter seriously: the Metropolitan Police are dispatched to the scene, but so are technicians.

Sniffer dogs are also trained to find dead bodies. The case then takes an (even more) strange turn: canines come into play “A Brief Notice of Possible Human Remains”, As the police A Report.

In the following days, the police work, they manage to get the car off the ground and on Saturday, the Mercedes is taken to the Forensic Science Laboratory. He was buried at a depth of about 1.50 m, police said.

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On Sundays, technicians carry out new, improved operations in the garden. It won’t come out “Nothing unusual or suspicious”, And “No Human Remains” Not found at the scene.

Car owner “reportedly dead”

Investigators determine that the car was stolen in 1992: in September of that year, a related complaint was filed with the police of the nearby city of Palo Alto. Then she would have been “Possibly” Buried there “In the 1990s”, His owner “would have died”, It still indicates the police are waiting to confirm the identity of this person. Another element: replaceable cement bags were found.

And the owners of the house? They bought this property in 2020. The previous occupants bought it in 2014, the newspaper reported San Francisco Chronicle. On the other hand, the American media were interested in the owner of the apartment at the time the car was buried there. The property was built in 1990 by that person, who later died.

He grew up in Hong Kong and was a police officer there for several years before immigrating to the United States. He also has an extensive criminal record: he was murdered in 1966, but his conviction was overturned in 1968 following a procedural flaw during his trial.

In 1977, he was again convicted of attempted murder and spent three years in prison. In 1999, he was arrested again for attempted insurance fraud, but “The outcome of the case is unclear,” Always step The Washington Post. Questioned by US media, investigators have neither confirmed nor denied a link between their investigation and the former owner.

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