Things to remember from Friday 16 September

In Izioum, Ukrainian investigators began exhuming the bodies on Friday, September 16. More than 400 graves have been found in the city, which was recovered from the Russian forces. According to local authorities, there are few systems “Hands are tied”and in “Apparently these people were tortured and executed.” Here’s what to remember for the day.

“Signs of Violent Death” in Exhumed Bodies

“99%” The bodies were exhumed on Friday Near Izioum “Showed signs of violent death”, confirms Regional Governor, Oleg Sinekopov. “Several bodies were tied behind the back, one was buried with a rope around the neck. Apparently they had been tortured and hanged.”According to him.

According to him, these are total “450 bodies of civilians bearing signs of violent death and torture” Buried at this site. “There were also children” Of the bodies exhumed during the day “200 agents and experts” Site workers.

The European Union says it is “deeply shocked” and Emmanuel Macron has condemned the “atrocities”.

The discovery of these graves raised many reactions in the international arena. Emmanuel Macron condemned “Atrocities with too much determination” Confident “Under Russian Occupation”. Moscow is acting “Terrible way and it shows and repeats (…) what we see when she wakes up”, Anthony Blinken, head of US diplomacy, commented.

Russia, its political leaders and all those involved in ongoing violations of international law and international humanitarian law in Ukraine will be held to account.said Joseph Borrell, head of European diplomacy.

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Discovery of “torture chambers” according to Ukrainian police

Ukrainian police chief Igor Klymenko announced that ten people had been found “Torture Chambers” Of the areas retaken from the Russians in the Kharkiv region, six are in Isium and two in the city of Balaklia.

Russian forces have been accused of numerous abuses in areas under their control, including in Bautza, on the outskirts of Kew, where bodies of coldly executed civilians were found after their withdrawal in late March. Moscow denies that its soldiers committed these atrocities.

Vladimir Putin wants to continue the war

Vladimir Putin said Russia is in no rush to end its military campaign in Ukraine. Despite the Ukrainian counterattack. “There is no need for a change of plan (of operations), (…) we are in no rush”He made the pledge on the sidelines of a summit in Uzbekistan.

The Russian president assured that the strategy of the Russian forces has not changed and they will continue to capture territories. “Our offensive operations in Donbas have not stopped, they are progressing at a slow pace (…) the Russian army is occupying more and more new territories”He declared.

On the diplomatic front, Moscow also suffered a setback at the United Nations on Friday. UN member states have allowed exceptions Volodymyr Zelensky The annual general meeting will be addressed via video message next week.

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