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By Nicholas Hassan-Farr

At its peak height of more than 116 meters, the Hyperion tree is considered to be the largest in the world. But access to this green giant Sequoia, located in a remote part of Northern California (USA), is prohibited. Offenders are liable to heavy fines or even imprisonment.

(Map: West-France)

Its peak rises more than 116 meters from the ground and its size is the length of a football field. In Northern California (America), this redwood tree named “Hyperion” is considered to be the largest known tree in the world. Approved registration in 2019 Guinness book. But access to this green giant is very expensive: the authorities of the Redwood National Park, where its roots are located, have announced that those caught in the immediate vicinity of the tree will now be fined $ 5,000 (some € 4,880). and a six-month prison sentence, the news agency reported Associated PressThis Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

Trampled tree, garbage thrown in the forest…

Located in a remote area of ​​Hyperion Park. The tree is far from any hiking trail, and to find it, you have to walk deep into the forest, weaving through miles and miles of dense vegetation.

“Despite these access difficulties, the popularity of the tree has grown with bloggers, travel writers, and websites that have destroyed the natural habitat around Hyperion.” indicates Park National.

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“The forest around Hyperion has been trampled and damaged by misinformed hikers” We are still reading, and authorities note that a large tree is located in the heart “Closed Area” There is a high tolerance for any intrusion.

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Waste such as toilet paper or human excrement was also found in this natural space, the director of natural resources of the park, Lionel Arguello, condemned in the US media. SFGate.

This giant sequoia, estimated to be between 600 and 800 years old, suffered from this popularity: its base was trampled by visitors. “lowered”Depending on the park.

Safety and Environment

Safety reasons led authorities to ban access to the entire area around the tree. In fact, in the remote area where it is located, it is impossible to make a phone call due to lack of network; GPS rarely works. “If anyone is injured in the area, it will take time for us to come and take care of them and evacuate them,” Adds Lionel Arguello.

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The park also wants to mention the tree trunk online “baby” Compared to others, its height from the ground is virtually impossible to measure. Another way to encourage visitors to…

Hyperion was “discovered” in the summer of 2006 by two American naturalists, Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. Report from California Polytechnic State University in Humboldt, published that year. Its location, originally kept secret, was revealed on the Internet, leading visitors to visit it since the 2010s.

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