Twelve years in prison and lifetime disqualification are sought against Vice President Christina Kirchner

A judgment is not expected until the end of 2022. A man on the left, a former leader accused of corruption.

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The ordeal that rocked Argentina. Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Kirchner was sentenced on Monday, August 22, to twelve years in prison and life imprisonment in a corruption trial against Peronist left-wing figure Cristina Kirchner. The former head of state from 2007 to 2015, 69 years old, is on trial in this televised trial and in his absence, the case of awarding public contracts in his stronghold of elections in the province of Santa Cruz, Patagonia (South), for bad illegal communication and fraudulent administration, during his two presidential terms. .

The Senate’s vice-president and president since 2019, he benefits from parliamentary immunity at this stage, which can only be lifted by the Supreme Court if the potential conviction is upheld. Otherwise, he may contest the legislative and presidential elections by the end of 2023, although he has yet to let his intentions filter through.

Defense petitions will come in early September after the requests, a procedure that opened in 2019 but was suspended by the Covid-19 pandemic. They are to be extended over several months and a judgment is not due until the end of 2022.

But a sign of Cristina Kirchner’s popularity, divisive on the left, was the spontaneous gathering of hundreds of opponents and supporters of the political leader who fired tear gas near her home in Buenos Aires on Monday evening, AFP noted.

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