Two children are found among backpacks at a water park

Two young children were found alone and “barely conscious” among backpacks at a Belgian leisure park on Sunday. Their parents were in the park.

Two children, one of them one and a half years old, were found between backpacks at a Belgian water park on Sunday evening, the newspaper reported. Last news. The two children were found lying on the ground by an employee at the Plopsagua Leisure Park in Landon-Hanute, in the center of the country, where customers leave backpacks unattended.

“They are not very healthy,” an eyewitness told the newspaper. According to him, one of the children fainted when he found it stuck between the bags.

Water park staff searched for the parents and called emergency services and the police. Two children were admitted to the hospital to check their condition.

Parents found in the park

An investigation was opened, but after a twenty-minute search, police were able to locate the two parents inside the park.

“They were angry that an ambulance was called, but given the condition of the children, it was the only thing that had to be done,” reasoned Gino Debreux, mayor of Landon.

Jean Bulent BFMTV journalist

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