Two large grain storage terminals were bombed in the port of Mykolayiv

Update on the diplomatic situation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is not only calling for the supply of more heavy weapons to his Western allies, but is also working to ensure that 27 EU countries grant official status to Ukraine.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called on European leaders “Occasional” Shares accepting kyiv’s request. A few days ago the European executive issued a positive comment on Ukraine’s candidacy, said Clement Beyonc, the French minister for European affairs, who is also the rotating head of the EU Council. “Overall” This issue emerged between twenty-seven. In Berlin, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholes, called on Wednesday to form “Don’t plan Marshall” For the restoration of Ukraine. “We will need billions of euros and extra dollars over the years.”He pointed out.

The European Summit will be followed by two G7 and NATO summits. The question of financial assistance for kyiv should be at the center of the discussions of these three meetings. According to Madrid, at the NATO summit to be held in the Spanish capital from June 28 to 30, Mr. Zhelensky will participate via video conference. “It is true that we are still far from negotiating between Ukraine and Russia, because Putin still believes in the possibility of dictating peace.”Also rated by Mr. Scholes.

As Moscow recalls the 1941 Soviet invasion of Nazi Germany, Russian diplomacy accuses Berlin of being the fuel. “Russophobic hysteria” This “Members of the German government against our country are systematically through almost daily attacks”. Moscow has received fresh, thin support from Chinese President Xi Jinping, who sneered at NATO on Wednesday. “Expanding military alliances”He is responsible for the crisis in Ukraine, among other things.

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