UK pulls out of alternative treatment ban

The British government claimed on Thursday, March 31, that it would change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, sometimes causing horrific suffering, anger and frustration among activists and politicians.

In October, London announced that it wanted to create a criminal offense against minors and adults who did not consent to the practice. But ministers are finally considering measures.IllegalTo combat these treatments, a government spokesman confirmed the ITV channel’s information on Thursday. “In view of the unprecedented circumstances and the great pressures on the cost of living and the crisis in Ukraine, there is an urgent need to streamline our legislative agenda.“, ITV justifies the government in an accessible document. “How can we believe when those in power back away from every promise they make and do not understand the evil that many face?Jayne Ozanne, a celebrity from the Lesbian and Anglican Church, responded on Twitter that she has been campaigning against these treatments since 2015.

According to government figures, 5% of LGBT + people in the UK have been treated alternatively, and 2% are subject to it. Statistics are not represented by associations. The draft provides for imprisonment for up to five years with imprisonment for up to five years in all circumstances and against adults who have not freely agreed to participate or who have not fully disclosed their possible consequences. “This is not just another U-turn of the Tories, the green light given to a kind of torture in the UK. This is a betrayal of the LGBT + community.The Liptems party responded. ⁇The government that thinks alternative medicine is acceptable in the 21st century does not support the LGBT + community“, Labor MP Anneliese Dots responded for her part.

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