Ukraine reconnects Zaporizhia power plant, Zelensky calls for IAEA visit

Sweden and Finland reaffirm their support for Turkey in the fight against terrorism, according to Ankara, which is blocking entry into NATO.

Sweden and Finland reaffirmed their commitment to fighting on Friday “Terrorism”After a meeting in Finland between Turkish, Swedish and Finnish representatives, the two Nordic countries’ NATO membership has been blocked by Ankara for now. “Finland and Sweden reiterated their commitment, which is recorded in the Tripartite Memorandum [signé fin juin]Show full solidarity and cooperation with Turkey in the fight against all forms and manifestations of terrorism”According to a statement issued by the Turkish President’s Spokesperson’s Office.

Since mid-May, Turkey, a member of the Atlantic alliance, has blocked the process, accusing both countries of harboring Kurdish fighters considered terrorists by Ankara. The day after signing a memorandum opening NATO access to the two Nordic countries, Turkey asked them to hand over thirty-three people it considers terrorists. In this process, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, A “Sweden’s Promise” About handing over “73 Terrorists”. A memorandum signed at the end of June announces just that Finland and Sweden respond to extradition requests Designed by Ankara without mentioning any statistics.

To date, twenty-three NATO member states – out of thirty countries – have approved the membership application of two Nordic countries. Of the remaining seven countries – Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey – only the latter expressed opposition. After Russia invaded Ukraine, Stockholm and Helsinki abandoned their traditional policy of staying away from military alliances by expressing interest in joining NATO.

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